Then the LORD said to me, “’You have seen well, for I am watching over My word to perform it.’” Jeremiah 1:12 (ESV)

I know that title sounds, well, so self-focused. After all, aren’t we to become less and He become more? Yes that’s true, this is not a year for us to become proud, self-centered and arrogant! Nevertheless, He has seen what His children have gone through these past several years, and He is going to do something about it! This “2023 and me” is a word that I have heard several times. I believe it is about our taking hold of everything God has promised us. Every word given to us through personal revelation, by others and/or in His scriptures. This is the time to declare the fulfillment of these promises.

Instead of simply pleading with God, start thanking Him for their fulfillment. Start declaring these promises as true and completed. For your prodigals declare this is the year they come home. For that sickness, this is the year for complete healing. For those finances, this is the year to see breakthrough and abundance released in your life. For your marriage, this is the year to see a new level of oneness and communion. With your children, this is the year they will have that holy supernatural encounter with the living God! Regarding your kingdom ministry, this is the year of increase in anointing, in giftedness, revelation, provision and fruit! And for your walk with the Lord, 2023 is the year of greater INTIMACY!

Take hold of these and every promise He has made for you. Make a list and declare them daily! As you speak them out in faith, your faith will arise. Pray for your pastor to have a renewed hope and faith in all the promises of God in his life, ministry, marriage and family. Declare that the faith level in your church will increase and that your church will play its part in the citywide church’s impact of our city, Athens Georgia!