“You are the salt of the earth. But what good is salt if it has lost its flavor? Can you make it salty again? It will be thrown out and trampled underfoot as worthless.” Matthew 5:13 (NLT)

Raise up church! The blind cannot lead the blind! Wake up oh sleeper! The church is in desperate need of revival and awakening! We need to take our eyes off ourselves and fix them on God and others! The state of our nation and the world rests on our shoulders! Francis Schaffer once said something to the effect, “every abortion clinic should have a sign above its doors, ‘open thanks to the church!’” Yes, the church is responsible. Our silence, our complicity, our tolerance out of fear of offending or not being popular has caused the church to slip into a deep slumber as our nation has rapidly advanced down the slippery slope. Our role is to be salt and light. But much of the church has lost its salty nature! Salt preserves and enhances. And light exposes and chases away darkness! We do not exist for ourselves, for our happy, well run services. Yet sadly, too many church gatherings are more about “me” and making “me” happy instead of holy and more like Jesus!

We are to be the church that hell is afraid of! We are to be the church that causes demons to tremble! The most dangerous thing in the world today is not the Taliban, not ISIS, nor Russia or China, not even the devil, it is the lukewarm church! We are not meant to be the church that is so self-focused that the devil simply laughs at us! We are not to be afraid of Satan and his cohorts, instead they should dread every day we get out of bed! We are to be the church fully empowered by the Holy Spirit! It’s the Spirit filled praying church that threatens the devil! And that starts with each one of us!

Ask for the Holy Spirit to make you one hell dreads. Pray that your church would crush the gates of hell! Ask for Holy Spirit revival and awakening in your church. Ask for God’s heart for the billions who don’t know Him yet! Ask Him for a courage to take our eyes off our happiness, our comfortable, our fears and place them onto His will for this world and the mission He has given us. Ask Him to awaken the church in our city to be the salt and light that we are meant to be!