But Peter and John replied, “Do you think God wants us to obey you rather than Him?” Acts 4:19 (NLT)

The Church is about to rebel against religion and all that has held Him back! The word revolt means to oppose or refuse to accept something, and/or to attempt to overthrow an authority. Religion is something that has silenced us, controlled us, and hindered the Holy Spirit, and it is about to be resisted and no longer accepted as the norm. The Church as we have experienced it, is about to be renewed. A revival, a revolution is coming! And the religious spirit is not happy about it.

The “Jesus train” is cutting through the chaos, the lies and wickedness, inviting people to board His love movement! It’s time to get on board. Stop simply running alongside the train, board it! The Holy Spirit comes where He is celebrated, and welcomed, not just tolerated! A new sound, a new frequency, a new song is about to come from the Church and will impact the world. The Church is about to get released into her destiny, unleashed to look and act like Jesus. The Church is not the same as it was a decade ago!

The Jesus culture is about to invade the culture we have known. The word ‘cult’ comes from culture, and is that which one worships. Our culture has influenced how and who we worship. Too many churches look more like the world than they do Jesus. Our culture has entrapped us. It has partnered with religion to keep the church stuck! But that is about to be transformed by the Jesus culture. An invasion is coming! Nay, it is here!!!

The message of the gospel hasn’t changed. The standard of holiness hasn’t changed. Nor has Jesus, being the only way to the Father, changed. The word of God, ALL OF IT, is still our authority and plumbline. What Jesus said, He meant, specifically we will do greater works (John 14:12). Jesus will have His church back!!! And she will be glorious!

Pray that God would give you the eyes to see His move among us, and the faith to leave religion behind and get on board with what He is doing. Declare that you will obey God over man. Pray that your church, and specifically your pastor would not hold onto religion, but would welcome, celebrate and step into the new thing that the Holy Spirit is doing. Pray that the church in our city would hear the Holy Spirit’s call “all aboard” and would become platform for the Jesus love train to gather and send out followers of Christ throughout the world!