Let us be glad, rejoice, and give Him glory, because the marriage of the Lamb has come, and His wife has prepared herself.” Revelation 19:7 (HCSB)

Somehow, we have turned something around. Salt goes to the meat and not the other way around. Who takes their steak to a salt block to rub it? No, the salt is sprinkled on the meat.  But so much of today’s church model is to bring the lost into the building. We are to go and be salt in the world.

Likewise, light must go to the darkness. A flashlight does little good in a lit room. But it does wonders in the darkness!

We must go to the gates of hell. We are meant to be salt and light in the world and advance the kingdom of God against the gates of hades. So many have made the church into somewhere we go, not a people penetrating the darkness.

Likewise, the church is not meant to simply be a social club.  A social club is about going there to feel good. A club is all about the membership, that is, the goal is to make the members happy!

Jesus said He would build His church with the purpose to confront the very gates of hell (Matthew 16:18)! It’s the church that will prevail over the gates of hell. In other words, Jesus prevails over the gates of hell, through His church. Jesus’ church is called to be overwhelmingly victorious (Romans 8:37) and will defeat the accuser, even with their lives (Revelation 12:11).

Btw, Jesus is not coming to rescue the struggling church. He will come for a bride who has prepared herself (Revelation 19). The rapture is a wedding call not a rescue mission. Jesus will have a bride who has intentionally prepared herself for eternity to rule and reign with Him.

God’s plan for the earth is His glory being known everywhere (Habakkuk 2:14). His glory is revealed through us! His glory is not revealed through a wimpy church being raptured to be saved from the darkness covering the earth. Nope, Jesus is coming for a victorious church. We are told that in the context of deep darkness covering the earth, His glory will shine through us. We are in that day of darkness, and it’s time for the church to arise, shine and let the world see the glory of the Lord (Isaiah 60).

Thank the Lord that He has allowed you to live and shine for Him in this amazing hour in history! Ask Him to grant you the grace to steward your opportunity, your gifts, and your life. What you do now matters for eternity, as well as for now! Press into God in intimacy and gaze at His glory, for you will be transformed by it. Ask Him to allow you to shine, to be salty and to pillage prisoners who are locked behind the gates of hell! Pray for your church to be salty, bright and prepared for Jesus! May the church in Athens arise and shine in this hour!