On Sunday the 117th Congress opened and Democrat Missouri Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, a United Methodist Church pastor delivered the prayer. He closed his prayer with “amen and awoman!” If you haven’t heard the Democrat party wants to remove the offensive gender names like man, women, husband, wife, brother, sister, … from usage in their sessions.

Here is exactly what he said, “Dare I ask, O Lord, peace even in this chamber, now and evermore. We ask it in the name of the monotheistic God, Brahma, and ‘god’ known by many names and faiths. Amen and awoman.”

In the name of what? By the way, amen is not a gender word! It is a Hebrew word meaning “may it be so!”

Cry out for mercy!!! Please pray for our nation! We are currently not ONE NATION UNDER GOD! As this representative said many names and many faiths. The word is clear that the Lord blesses the nations where He is Lord, not where He shares lordship (Psalm 33:12). Our God is a jealous God and He shares His glory with no one or thing (Exodus 34:14, Isaiah 42:8)! Cry out for God’s mercy over our leaders. Pray that eyes across our nation, especially those who call themselves followers of Jesus Christ, would see what is happening and stand for God’s truth, and stop blindly following the anti-God party line.

“Blessed and prosperous is that nation who has God as their Lord! They will be the people He has chosen for His own.” Psalm 33:12 (TPT)