“The master was full of praise. ‘Well done, my good and faithful servant. You have been faithful in handling this small amount, so now I will give you many more responsibilities. Let’s celebrate together!’” Matthew 25:21 (NLT)

One day I found myself out in some huge surf. Somehow, I was able to get my surfboard out past the powerful bone crushing breakers. As I surveyed up and down the coast, that was filled with white foam from the turbulent waves, I realized I was the only one foolish enough to be out there in this dangerous condition! In fact, there wasn’t even anybody on the beach as far as I could see. Then it dawned on me, “I could die out here!” Honestly, that truly was a revelation! I should have listened to my wife! You see, I am a risk taker, but up to that moment many of my risks had no value apart from the excitement of it. This one was a very foolish risk that had no eternal or spiritual benefit. I could have squandered my life and the rich calling that God had put on it. I was out in a situation way beyond my ability. Bam, I saw in that moment that this risk was not worth leaving my wife a widow and my sons fatherless in a foreign land! At that moment I repented of my foolishness and asked God to help me get safely back to shore. And in that moment, He did! It was still quite a rough ride in as I hung onto my board, slamming about I was carried all the way to shore. Believe me, it was not fun at all! From that moment I have been much wiser with my risks, understanding that God has entrusted me with much, and as such, much is required! My risk-taking personality is actually part of the gift of faith He has given me. He has put adventure in my blood, but it must be stewarded for His glory. The reality is, we are in Athens today, doing what God has prepared for us to do, because of who He has made us to be and what He has deposited in us.

Please ask the Lord if there is any place where you are squandering the gifts He has put in you. Ask Him for the grace to be who He made you to be right where you are. We need you to be you in this hour as revival, awakening and a great harvest is about to take place. Ask God for the wisdom to steward what He has given you, that He may give you more for His glory! Thank Him for the rich treasures He has deposited in you!