Tragically, to date this year alone, over 37 million babies have been aborted worldwide! Yet every baby matters and has value! This barbaric evil practice must stop!

Check out… … for up to the moment, exact number.

BTW, the number who died of Covid doesn’t even register (come close) when compared to those aborted during the same period of time!

Please pray that this evil demonic system of abortion would be ceased! Pray for the upcoming Supreme Court hearings discussing this (I believe they start December 1). Pray for the adoption system to be vastly improved, making it quicker, easier and more efficient in vetting and getting children into the right (safe) homes. Pray for the Church to rise up and become intentionally supportive and safe for mothers to carry their babies to birth. Pray for foster support communities to vastly increase in the Church! Pray that your church would be proactive in playing its part!