All in!

“And if I perish, I perish!” Esther 4:16b (NIV)

It cost to signers of the Declaration of Independence everything. They knew that for the rest of their lives they would be in the crosshairs of Great Britain. And many of them and or their family died because of their courageously signing a declaration against the tyranny of Great Britain.

America was founded by a group of Christians. Sure, there were others in the group, but when they landed on our shores they didn’t pray to Baal, or to Buddha, or to Mohammad, or to any other god. No, they prayed and dedicated this land to God. As far as I know, no other nation was dedicated to God at its foundation! Please don’t let the revisionists steal the beautiful heritage of our nation. God is not done with this nation, and He is looking for courageous ones who will stand against the tyranny of the Left and the godless pretending government bent on destroying the church, our nation and any moral fiber in our society.

Are you willing to sign the spiritual Declaration of Independence? Ask God to raise up folks willing to stand in this hour to be a part of what God is about to do! Thank Him for not forsaking us, but for fulfilling His plans and promises for our nation! Ask Him what part you are to play and then commit yourself to Him and the work that lies before us!