“and the two are united into one.” Mark 10:8 (NLT)

I was praying with Pastor Travis Gay (The Awakening) earlier in the week and we were focusing on marriages, specifically pastors’ marriages. He began to pray about smelting, and the word alloy came to my mind. An alloy is the combining of two elements to create something stronger and more valuable. What a great picture of marriage, God’s way!

Marriage is meant to take two individuals and make them into one, one that is better, and complete! We are truly better together! Obviously, I am not advocating for the loss of each individual’s identity, but in a healthy marriage there does need to be a melting together of values, dreams and desires. Such a marriage is stronger and able to step more completely into destiny! God desires our marriages to be a prophetic statement of Jesus and His bride. In this new era, God is looking for strong, healthy couples to ministry together, side by side, in His glory and authority like never before! No wonder marriage, especially marriage of pastors is coming under such an attack today!

Take time today to pray for marriages. Ask God to bless and protect every marriage you know of, starting with yours (if you’re married) and those closest to you. Ask God to bless, protect and melt into God’s vision of oneness. Ask God to expose the secrets and hidden sins that actually create a wall between spouses. Ask God for a grace for humility, purity and honesty in marriages. Pray for your pastor’s marriage. May God bless marriages in this new era with greater health, authority and glory. May the world look on with wonder seeing the amazing thing that God has done through these couples standing together as one!