“For nothing is impossible with God.” Luke 1:37 (NLT)

In the fall of 1775, at his own expense, George Washington, outfitted his squadron of six schooners with “Appeal to Heaven” flags. It is also known as Washington’s Cruisers Flag. It was a modification of the Pine Tree flag of New England, later tweaked and adopted by the Massachusetts Navy. In Boston, The Sons of Liberty would gather under a large tree, which became known as The Liberty Tree. This tree came to represent American independence. These patriots knew they were up against a great military power yet they believed they were sustained by a greater power, hence their “APPEAL TO HEAVEN”.

Today, there is a timely re-emergence of this symbolic flag. Our independence as we know it, is in the balance. As they cry out for God to move what in the natural is impossible, intercessors are carrying this flag on assignment to various key places in our nation. Even as the media spews lies at us and politicians want us to succumb to it, God is not finished. This election is far from over! Even 1 million to One odds are not impossible, when that One is God! This is an hour like never before to appeal to heaven for God to move in our land. Please keep praying and not give up!