“When they came into the house and saw the young child with Mary, His mother, they were overcome. Falling to the ground at His feet they worshiped Him….” Matthew 2:11a (TPT)

On January 6, 2021, Congress will meet in a joint session to formally count the votes of the Electoral College. It will be presided over by Vice President Mike Pence. If there are objections, it opens up a whole new possibility. It just so happens that that same day is known in “religious” circles as Epiphany. December 25 to January 6 is traditionally known as Twelve Days of Christmas. In the USA, January 6 is also known as the Three Kings Day, as it is when people like to celebrate the arrival of the wise men to see baby Jesus. So, this Christian feast day called Epiphany, celebrates the revelation or the theophany of God incarnate as Christ. Epiphany marks the first appearance of Jesus Christ to the Gentiles.

Basically, Epiphany is the manifestation of Christ to the Gentiles as represented by the Magi in Matthew 2:1-12. It is a Christian festival celebrating the Epiphany, every year on January 6. The word Epiphany means “an appearance or manifestation, especially of a deity; a sudden, intuitive perception of or insight into the reality or essential meaning of something” (Dictionary.com).

So, is it a coincidence that this crucial day in Congress so happens to be lined up with Epiphany? I don’t think so! God is not done, nor is He late!

Please be praying that God would reveal His glory on January 6. Declare that God’s Kingdom will come and His will be done in that joint meeting of Congress. Decree that Jesus Christ would manifest Himself there in their midst. Could that be the beginning of the great awakening we’ve all be praying for?!

Pray that VP Pence would be filled with Holy Spirit and have courage to do what is right. This is his hour to stand in history! Pray for Congress and Senators who will object and set into place the needed change of course regarding the election results.

Speak out that the glory of God will fall on the huge rally in Washington DC that day!

Cry out for God to manifest His presence across the USA, that the veil which has kept so many in deception would be removed and that truth would finally be made known. Declare that instead of riots and violence in the cities across our nation, that people will fall on their knees declaring Jesus is Lord!

Please mark your calendar and make January 6, 2021, a day of prayer for Epiphany in our nation!!! And feel free to join us in fasting as the Lord would lead you!