“Be on guard. Stand firm in the faith. Be courageous. Be strong.” 1 Corinthians 16:13 NLT

The woke disaster and left misfits have had their chance and they ran full speed to destroy our nation. Biden’s first thing as pretender was to sign the death warrant for unborn Americans. It’s time for God’s people to stand with God against the darkness covering our nation!

We need to hate what the woke crowd is doing in our schools. We need to resist the demons who are grasping for control of our nation. We need to say no to the drag queens and lesbians teaching our kids. We need to say no more to the propagandists pumping toxic waste into our students’ minds. We need to speak up and proclaim we don’t want our borders open to anyone and everyone, but to close it to criminals, gang members, drug trafficking and infected individuals. We need to shout out that we grieve that this wicked administration has abandoned our own people in a nation that had trusted us. We need to hate the sacrificing of our unborn children on the altar of Baal, through the driving agenda of abortion! We must stand and see this become despised and illegal across our nation.

It’s time to be more afraid of God than of men, and speak out against the woke deception, the BLM lie, the LGBQT agenda and the dictatorship being forced on a free nation. The devil has always been on about lying, deceiving, killing, stealing and destroying, and those serving him do the same. Will you stand with God in this hour, or with the devil by your silence?

We are about to experience the greatest move of God and a one billion soul harvest! At the same time a judgment will be unleashed on God’s enemies and the puppets that sold out to them! We are blessed to be alive at such an amazing and terrible time! Though God will move powerfully, we must be ready and willing to stand, speak and obey Him as He leads us. We each have a part to play, a very important one at that! So, will you stand with God in this hour?

Ask God to fill you with the Holy Spirit, with boldness, courage and wisdom to know where He has called you to stand. Ask Him to clearly show you the good fight He has for you. Pray that your pastor would not be silent about the real issues we are facing as a people of God. Pray that your pastor would be gripped by a fiery fear of the Lord. Cry out for God to awaken the woke crowd in your church! May they know the truth and may the truth set them free! But how will they hear unless someone is willing to speak the truth in love to them?! Ask God to stir His church across our city to stand with Him in this hour! Will you be one of the standing ones?