“For it will be exactly like it was in the days of Noah when the Son of Man appears.” Matthew 24:37 (TPT)

Jesus said that “as it was with Noah so it will it be at the coming of the Son of Man.” Genesis 6 reveals that the earth had become corrupt and defiled. Violence filled the earth, and the LORD was grieved!

Today our earth is contaminated. Our waters are polluted. And violence fills our earth. We have grown calloused to the wickedness around us! We are no longer shocked at mass murders, the perversion, or corruption in a government who flaunts the laws (including God’s laws) and violates the constitution, all of which have held this nation together. Violent protests across our nation are encouraged by this government. Up is down, while right is wrong, and we have gotten used to it!

God wanted Noah to build an ark because the judgment coming on the earth was unprecedented. Rain was coming, and this wasn’t about watering the earth. It was a flood that would cleanse and reset creation! And God is about to do is something unprecedented among us in our day. Many people have been talking about a divine reset. Such a thing is no small matter!!!

Noah was asked to do something unprecedented and it required faith. Out of faith and holy fear Noah obeyed God and built the ark (Hebrews 11:7). God is looking for a remnant people who will have faith and the fear of the LORD! What God is doing right now is revealing the hearts and faith of people, especially believers. Ask God to reveal and strengthen your faith!

There is no record of God speaking to Noah after he received the instructions to build the ark. No confirmations, no hints, no signs or reminders… for years! And throughout the building project doubts from within probably had to be warded off, as well mockery from without. I recently heard Kent Christmas say that the world kills Christians and but the church kills the prophets! Right now, many who heard from God in 2020 are being called false prophets because what they said hasn’t happened, yet! But God is not done, and He is not limited by man’s timetable or dates. And what He is doing is unprecedented!

Our nation, let alone much of the church in this nation, has lost the fear of the Lord! But the Holy Spirit is awakening it! Want to please the Lord? Ask God to increase faith and the fear of the Lord in you, in your church and across this nation!

God is not finished! Keep trusting God, believing His prophets and worshipping Him (2 Chronicles 20:20-21).