“The fool says in his heart, ‘There is no God.’” Psalm 14:1a (ESV)  

Though April 1 is celebrated as April Fool’s Day, this hour is actually a time to boldly declare our faith that there is a God, and He is the only true God, and His Son Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven! This is an hour to not fool around but to be bold as lions! The world may look upon our obedience to God as foolishness. I imagine the Israelites looked pretty foolish walking around Jericho in silence for seven days. Until the walls came down! How foolish Jehoshaphat’s army must have looked being led by a parade of worshipers, until the slaughter came! And just how foolish Noah looked until the rains came! From the world’s perspective it is absolutely foolish to deny oneself, picking up a cross and following Jesus wherever He leads! How foolish it must have looked for the King of Kings to be nailed to the cross, until He victoriously rose from the grave! We are called to be fools to the world because of our belief in and our obedience to a very real God is so very other-worldly! Be willing to be a fool for Christ this month.
So here are some ways you can continue to boldly and foolishly join us in prayer for revival, awakening and transformation/reformation in Athens and beyond!
UGA / Athens Downtown Prayer Walk
Saturday, April 1 / 10am to noon
The Arch – corner of College and Broad
This is our monthly prayer walk at UGA and/or downtown Athens. We meet at The Arch and go from there. Feel free to bring your children as we pound the pavement crying out for God to move in our city. These are always powerful and unique! Please join us if you’re able!

AHOP Leadership Community 
Sunday, April 23 / 4 to 5:30pm
AHOP Center – 660 W Broad St., Athens 30601

By far, this is our most important gathering that we have at AHOP. This is a time for all those who lead worship or play/sing on the team, those who are a part of the prayer leadership team, and those who make our gatherings possible by operating the tech, room managers, and others, to come together to build community, to shape the model and to worship with one voice. This is a time for training and communication for all who are helping build the house of prayer. If this is you, or you’d like to be more involved, please mark your calendar and plan to join us!

Contending for Revival
Thursdays / 10:30 to 11:30am
The Light – 174 Henderson Ext., Athens 30605

Pastors Contending for Pastors
1st & 3rd Thursdays / 10:30 to 11:30am

Senior pastors come together and saturate each other in prayer! This is a very important and precious time for senior pastors, and most of the time we go longer than one hour!

Contending for Revival – Open Session
2nd, 4th and 5th Thursdays / 10:30 to 11:30am

These sessions of Contending, on the second, fourth and fifth Thursdays, are open for all pastors, intercessors and key leaders to join us as we Contend for Revival in Athens! These are always a very powerful and Spirit led time!!!
Athens House of Prayer
AHOP Center – 660 W Broad St., Athens 30601
Mondays / 8am to 8pm      
Tuesdays / 8am to 8pm
Wednesdays / 8am to 8pm
Thursdays through Saturday / 8am to 8am (continuous 48 hours)
We are still settling into our new rhythm at AHOP. Worship, prayer, prophetic declaration and more are all part of the Athens House of Prayer. We endeavor to see non-stop live worship/prayer established for our city!  We are looking for people to sign up for worship/prayer slots and to fill the role of ‘room manager’ (overseeing activity during a slot, but not on stage leading). Each Thursday and Friday at 7pm we will have our main sets. All other times are for worship and prayer.
For more details or to see the updated weekly schedule, or to sign up for a slot as a room manager or worship leader please go to athenshouseofprayer.com

Athens Daily Prayer Texts & Declarations
All across Athens area
To sign up for these DPT, please text @athenspray to 81010.
Daily Prayer Texts are a simple yet powerful way to join with others in focusing prayer across our city. We have added a daily declaration to take the prayer text to the next level. These are delivered to cell phones across Athens and beyond every day at 8am (ET) for text and 8:15am for declaration. They are also posted each day at noon on the APN Facebook page. This is an awesome way to stand in unified focused prayer with others from across our city, for our city, every day! 
We post daily on the APN Facebook page. These posts include prayer opportunities, prayer points, prayer inspirations and the Daily Prayer Text, and more. It is definitely worth checking daily to help stay connected with what God is doing and to see how other people are praying in our city! If you are not on Facebook (or if we ever get kicked of), I encourage you to check the APN Blog.
Foolish for Christ, together!