The Watch leadership team is so excited!!! We all sense that God is about to birth some awesome things in our city and we are simply thrilled to be a part of it. Nevertheless, the battle is real, so please stay alert. Expect attack but don’t accept it! We have authority, and though the enemy will challenge it, God’s purposes will prevail. The battle belongs to the Lord, but nevertheless, there is a battle we are engaging in. Stand firm, brothers and sisters!!!

Here’s some details about the upcoming watch. Please pass the word and stir it up!!!

1. The Athens Prayer Watch begins on Sunday, November 1

2. Training day and united prayer on Saturday, October 24 / 10am to noon
Venue: Living Hope – 2150 Lexington Road, Athens 30605
The focus this day will be to prepare for the Watch, give tips on how to do the Watch, and worship/pray together. It’s a day of vision and connection!

3. Sign ups begin on Saturday, October 10
The link to sign up will be sent out first thing that day. If you don’t get it, please check back here for it!

Future prayer training opportunities to write in your calendar…

Friday, November 13 / 7 to 9pm
Venue: Cornerstone – 4680 Lexington Road, Athens 30605
This evening will provide an opportunity to connect with other praying people across Athens, pray/worship together and receive some practical prayer watch training. By the way, all these training events are for everyone, not just those involved in the watch.

Friday, December 11 / 7 to 9pm
Venue: Cornerstone
This will be another evening mid way through our three month watch. We want to encourage the prayer watch team and strengthen one another through practical prayer tips and praying together.

Saturday, January 9, 2016 / 8:30am to 5pm
Venue: Cornerstone
This is an all day prayer training seminar called New Year New Heart. We plan to include Watch training and prayer together in sessions.

Little details…

I will continue to post things (i.e. prayer focuses and opportunities) on the APN Facebook group. We will soon be expanding this APN website to include regular WATCH postings.

This time around each slot will close once someone signs up for it. Then once all the slots are filled we will re-open the slots for multiple watchmen.

We will also be looking for a reserve team, that is, folks who would be willing to step in if/when others are not able to make their given slot. These may be people who are unable to do the weekly slot, but would be willing to be on call as needed.

Please be praying that God would prepare His people and call them to take their place on the wall. Be listening to what He will have you to do!!!

Thanks for your prayer partnership for Athens!

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