Two views!

“Nothing like this has ever been seen in Israel.” Matthew 9:33b (NIV)

Jesus was healing the sick, restoring sight to the blind and casting out demons and the people were coming to Him! Word spread about Him and people were amazed everywhere He went, proclaiming we have never seen anything like this in our land, ever!

Yet the Pharisees said it was the work of the devil! Sadly, much of the church still makes this claim against what the Holy Spirit is doing. As Jesus is moving powerfully in this dark hour, that same religious spirit that was operating in the Pharisees is manifesting now!

Two views, two filters, two ways to perceive what is going on… We can come in faith believing Jesus is doing something amazing, something never done in our land before! We can chase after in Him in desperation, cry out to Him for mercy, shout out in audacity for healing like the two blind men who screamed loudly and followed Jesus into a home (Matthew 9:27), seeking His touch, AND received it! Or we can be like the Pharisees, who did not have eyes to see that God was in their midst. It didn’t matter what Jesus did, as He healed the sick, cast out demons, even raised the dead, but this religious spirit was more concerned about maintaining control by mandating the law! Which view is yours? Which view does your pastor, and your church take? This is a serious question to consider!

As we press into a day where the greatest move of God, ever, is beginning to materialize, please pray that your eyes would be open to see what God is doing, even if it is something new. And btw, always let the Holy Spirit and the Bible be your filter, not man, not ‘the way we have always done it,’ not even your church’s theological stance (as that is an interpretation of the word). Pray for your pastor and church leadership to have eyes to see what the Holy Spirit is doing today is not the work of the devil! Pray that across Athens we would hear people saying about the work of Jesus, ‘we have never seen anything like this in our city!’ Cry out like the two blind men who audaciously shouted and followed Jesus and received what they were seeking… their sight! May God give us eyes to see what He is doing today!

Prepare her!

“Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave Himself up for her,that He might sanctify her, having cleansed her by the washing of water with the word, so that He might present the church to Himself in splendor, without spot or wrinkle or any such thing, that she might be holy and without blemish.” Ephesians 5:25-27 (ESV)

Men, those of us who are married, have been given a sacred task! We are responsible for preparing our wives for eternity. Jesus said, in heaven there is no marrying, nor child bearing (Matthew 22:30). That is because there will only be one marriage, with one Groom and one bride. Jesus and His bride will be the only marriage in heaven. So, men, our wives have been given to us, by God, to help prepare them for their primary purpose. Paul wrote about the mystery of the church and how it correlates to the marriage between a man and a woman. No wonder the devil is to fixated on destroying and defiling marriage! Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, Paul was given a glimpse into the mystery that had been hidden up to that point. He even called it “a profound mystery” (Ephesians 5:32)! He said that husbands are to love their wives as Christ loved the church, which meant, we are to sacrifice ourselves in order to put them above our wants and needs. We are to help nurture their faith, their love and their purity, so that they may be presented holy and without blemish. Just as Jesus is doing with His church, men, we are to do with our wives! We are to pray with them, and pray for them! We are to study the word with them and encourage them to dig into it on their own. We are to keep them pure and set apart, meaning we must cleanse our homes. We need to filter what we watch on TV, where we go and what we do, so that they are not defiled. Men, if you are watching movies with sex (even suggestively), or perversion, or even language that would not please Jesus, you are defiling your wife! Men, when you lust, you bring that into your home. Jesus said that if you even look at a woman and lust after her you have already committed adultery with her (Matthew 5:27-28). Let me just add, men, this is not simply an option, this is a command. To not do this is disobedience and therefore sin! James says for him who knows the right thing to do and doesn’t do it, sins (James 4:17).

Men, please ask God to forgive you for every place you have not loved your wife as He loved the church. Repent of bringing your lust, perversion and adultery into you home! Repent of not nurturing your wife’s faith, and her spiritual walk. Repent of not praying with and/or for her as you should be doing daily! Repent of not studying the Bible together and/or encouraging her to develop her own secret garden with Jesus. Ask God to help you prepare your wife for eternity!

Women, please forgive your husband for not doing these things in helping prepare you for eternity. Ask God to forgive you of any place you have grown to disrespect your husband as the spiritual head of your family (probably because he hasn’t been living up to that level). Repent of every place that you have not respected and/or submitted to your husband (Ephesians 5:22 & 33)! Pray that God would pour out a grace over your husband to step into that God-given place with joy and humility! Ask God to reset your marriage to be an example of what Jesus and His bride look like!

“Let us be glad and rejoice, and let us give honor to Him. For the time has come for the wedding feast of the Lamb, and His bride has prepared herself. She has been given the finest of pure white linen to wear. For the fine linen represents the good deeds of God’s holy people.” Revelation 19:7-8 (NLT)

No more!

Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good.” Romans 12:9 (NIV)

Love requires something. God loved, so He gave (John 3:16). Today, to love, we must intentionally do something. To do nothing is something (I know, it sounds like Winnie the Pooh)! To be silent in the day of evil is to be complicit in it. To tolerate evil, is to become partners in it. We cannot comply our way out of tyranny! Evil is a relentless, bottomless pit, that is never satisfied. We must rise up and say ‘no more!’

There are some 400,000 pastors in the US and tragically, most are complying to tyranny! Pastors need to oppose tyranny! They cannot remain silent in the pulpit! The Black Robe Regimen needs to arise again! Congregations need to stand up and ask why their church isn’t standing up against evil!

Where are the pastors supporting the parents at the school board meetings! Things like CRT and sexual perversion are being rammed down our kids throats! Parents are now referred to as “domestic terrorists” simply because they voice their opinion at school board meetings.

Nevertheless, there is a baptism of fire coming to the pulpits across our nation, across our city! Cry out for God to raise up another black robe regiment, a remnant of pastors who will say no to tyranny, not just with their words, but also with their actions. The Black Robe Regimen were pastors who not only speak up in the pulpits about the tyranny of the British, but would join the effort, physically, to resist and fight for independence! They were key components for the victory over British control.

Pray for your pastor to have a faith infusion, that the Holy Spirit would release boldness in the sermons, and in their actions. Ask God to stir up your church to become active against the fight of tyranny in our city and nation. Ask the Lord what specific role you are to play in this battle for our nation. Remember to do nothing in the face of evil is to partner with it.

Caught in the middle!

But when the perfect comes, the partial will come to an end.” 1 Corinthians 13:10 (HCSB)

There are two very distinct groups of churches, those who embrace the Holy Spirit and those who don’t! Cessationism is the doctrine that believes the spiritual gifts such as tongues, healings, miracles, prophecy ceased when the perfect was made known (1 Corinthians 13:10). This perfect is usually defined (by those who hold this view) as either being the Bible or the “Apostolic Age” of the church. Those who embrace the fullness of the Holy Spirit see the perfect as when Jesus is revealed in glory, when such gifts are not necessary!

And the gap between the two is getting wider. Those who reject the working of the Holy Spirit giftings and anointings tend to be more aggressive about rejecting, condemning, cancelling and withdrawing from those who embrace Him! The crazy thing is, there is a group of believers stuck in the middle. They want more of the Holy Spirit. They desire His presence, power, gifts and words, but they practically don’t make space for Him in their lives and/or their church services. They may sing songs such as “Come Holy Spirit,” and pray for Him to be fully expressing, but they never allow Him space to operate. Much of this is out of fear of what people will think when the Holy Spirit makes a mess of things. I recently heard of one pastor who had a powerful move of the Holy Spirit in his church, only to have 70 some letters arrive that next week and the elders told him that he can never do that again! Sadly, there have been Holy Spirit movements in our city which have been shut down, with the doors intentionally locked to prevent it happening again!

As revival begins to rev up in our city and nation, these churches that don’t want to have anything to do with the power of Holy Spirit will either feel the pressure from their members to join in and will do so, or they will become even more aggressive against the move. Just as in Jesus’ day, this move of God will be persecuted from inside and outside the church. This is where we need to really pray for grace over those who are resisting (Acts 7:51), grieving (Ephesians 4:30), quenching (1 Thessalonians 5:19), and /or even blaspheming the Holy Spirit (Matthew 12:31, Luke 12:10). Our role is to love, not be offended, to keep pursuing, to keep blessing and never ever rejecting them! After all, many of us were there once, and by God’s grace He has revealed the Holy Spirit to us.

Pray also for those who are stuck in the middle. Ask God to “ruin” them for more of Him. Cry out for tangible and powerful encounters with the Holy Spirit, so much so that they cannot go back living as practical cessationists! Pray for pastors to be bold and courageous, instead of being afraid of what people might think when the Holy Spirit shows up and makes a mess. Pray that the Holy Spirit might fill you more and more with His miraculous power, His heavenly wisdom, and His beautiful language! Pray for the churches across our city to be prepared for when the dam breaks releasing the fullness of revival in Athens and beyond, that we would not miss our day of visitation.

Baal worship is real!

“What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done, and there is nothing new under the sun.” Ecclesiastes 1:9 (ESV)

Satan has not stopped doing what he has done since the beginning. He is not creative, but he is persistent. Jesus told us that lying was the devil’s native language and that he was a murderer from the beginning (John 8:43-44). From the slaughter of Abel’s innocent blood, the devil has been seeking more blood, and by it his evil empire is empowered! His strategy has not changed! Though we are more sophisticated today, his efforts are the same, but now it comes under the guise of “science!”

From the early chapters in Genesis the devil has been seducing men to offer their children as sacrifices. He has sought the blood of babies from the very beginning of time! The cycle of the past, is a blueprint of what’s coming. Satan fights according to cycles. No wonder he wants to destroy every trace of the past so we can’t see what he is doing in the present.

Baal worship has always required the blood of children. There are thousands of Arches of Baal popping up all over the world. This is no accident and it is not innocent! These arches were present in actual Baal temples. As parents would bring their children to be sacrificed, they would walk through such an arch. If you doubt, just do a little research of your own!

Sadly, right now, there are 35,000 abortions a day in the USA. Any people that can kill their unborn, slaughter them in ways that they would not even do to animals, are capable of any evil! Just as we are seeing from this evil regime!

You can get an up to the moment global count of how many babies have been slaughtered in the womb already this year at This is definitely an evil age!

If you claim to be a Christian and you advocate the slaughter of children, you have some very serious issues, because not only are you supporting the murder of the most precious innocent life, you are supporting the devil’s evil platform.

Hear this, every time there is an abortion a child dies! Every person that supports those who advocate abortion will be held accountable! This is not an innocent act. It is not just body tissue! It is a human life that is being murdered. Know this, if you support abortion or voted for those who do, blood is on your hands. And you will stand before God someday in light of this! Please repent and turn from your wicked ways!

This is not so much about those who have had abortions as it is the evil system that perpetuates it. Those who have had abortions were most likely manipulated into it, feeling trapped. There are other options! Nevertheless, if you have had an abortion, God has your baby in heaven, waiting for you. If you confess your sin God will completely wipe you clean of that sin (1 John 1:9).

But please understand this, the blood of babies who are aborted is an offering to Satan. This evil regime needs this blood, but God has said, ‘Enough!’ The seeds of this wickedness have come to harvest time. This day of blatant murder and child sacrifice is coming to an end. It’s time for those who follow Christ to stop supporting those who advocate abortion. Companies like Starbucks explicitly support abortion through their partnership with Planned Parenthood. We recently went through our pantry and prayerfully destroyed every mug that had the Starbucks logo (please check into what it actually means sometime). As much as it’s possible, we have stopped shopping from those who support abortion. It is tough and inconvenient, but necessary.

Please pray for those who have had abortions. Cry out for God’s grace to abound to them. Cry out for the agony of their souls to be washed away by Christ’s forgiveness! Pray, even fast and travail, that this devil inspired, ancient sacrifice to Baal would be exposed for what it is and that it would be abolished from our land. Pray that Planned Parenthood would be defunded and exposed for what it is, an abortion mill, an altar for the devil! Pray that companies who support abortion would begin to feel the cost of their standing with evil. Pray for those in our nation who have the power to do something about this that they would either be removed (for their supporting it) or elevated (for fighting against it). Pray for new and easier ways to support women who choose to keep their children and reformation in the whole adoption industry. Pray that our nation would be pro-life at every age and throughout every fiber of society.

(This post was inspired by and gleaned from a prophetic teaching that Robin D Bullock gave on Elijah List – October 11, 2021)

Judgment or a move of God?

“And the man jumped up, grabbed his mat, and walked out through the stunned onlookers. They were all amazed and praised God, exclaiming, “We’ve never seen anything like this before!’” Mark 2:12 (NLT)

When Jesus publicly healed the lame man, it “stunned” those who witnessed it. They exclaimed “We have never seen such things before!” We live in such a time! We have never seen such evil and darkness prevail on a global scale as it is right now. Blatant blasphemy against God, overt attacks on the church and Christian freedoms, the defilement of morality, of marriage, of gender, just to name a few. Satan is being worshiped in the wide open! The prevalence of lies, deception, false narrative and misinformation that is being accepted as truth is unprecedented. We live in that day where evil is called good and good is called evil (Isaiah 5:20). And the rapid decline in our nation since January is shocking!

BUT… on the other hand, have we never seen the level of fervent, passionate prayer amongst a remnant. Actually, millions upon millions have and are praying, but that is just a drop in the global scene. There are folks who said no to cancelling church, no to restricting meeting together, no to the jab, and instead have pressed in to reach the lost. There are tent crusades and worship gatherings going on across our nation that are seeing tens of thousands of people coming, squeezing into tight uncomfortable places, and yet resulting in mass salvations, dramatic healings and amazing deliverances. God is not deaf when it comes to His kids crying out to Him. He is absolutely good, and He will respond.

We are on the precipice of both judgment and a great move of God! It’s not judgment on America but against ancient principalities operating through wicked people! God is judging evil! God is not turning His back on the hundreds of millions of believers who prayed. And the truth is, God saves nations because of a righteous remnant! Our prayers have been and are being heard!

Thank the Lord for what He is doing and about to do! Thank Him for hearing your prayer as well as the millions of others who have been faithfully and diligently crying out for months. Thank Him for the awesome deeds He is about to do across our nation, in Athens, in your church and even in your home. Thank Him for the new thing He is doing that has never happened before. Thank Him for allowing you to be alive and part of this great move! Cry out for mercy in this day of judgment and revival. Pray for hardened hearts across our city to be softened, and turn to Jesus before it’s too late. Pray for miracles, deliverances and salvation to begin accelerating in churches across our city!

God does not lose!

“But God released Him from the horrors of death and raised Him back to life, for death could not keep Him in its grip.” Acts 2:24 (NLT)

The enemy has been trying to wear down the church. And from an outward appearance, it looks like he has succeeded. As the church goes, so goes the world. The church restrains the evil and the evil one! Paul warned us that until the restrainer is removed, that is the one who holds back the man of lawlessness, the anti-Christ cannot be revealed (1 Thessalonians 2:1-12). The Holy Spirit filled church is that restrainer of evil in our world! But God has raised up a remnant!

The devil tried to silence Jesus before, and that only seemed to work for a very brief period of time. Then when Jesus burst from the tomb, the mask that was put over His face was removed and folded separately, as if God was saying, Jesus will never be silenced again!

Nevertheless, the enemy is trying to install anti-Christ in our nation! But it’s not his time yet! Our enemy has been totally committed to his goal to destroy our nation and release global anarchy. Whereas so much of the church has been lukewarm. There are actually evil men and women in our nation who are totally dedicated to the devil. Yet in this hour, God is allowing the lukewarm to be separated from His church, and He is removing lampstands from lukewarm churches that have lost their first love and have stepped into compromise and tolerance. And at the same time, He is stirring up a fiery hot, passionately devoted remnant people!

The enemy thinks we’re dead and that he won! But that’s what he thought when he crucified Jesus, his biggest mistake ever! Neither death nor hades could hold Jesus back! And that same power is working today to awaken His church! But it will require for us, an “all in” commitment!

Today the Lord says, “I do not lose!” So, the question is, what side are you on? Who will you stand with in this hour? For generations God has not required the consequences of our actions, but as the “seed-plant-harvest principle” goes, we live in an hour when it will be called into account. We will reap what we have sown!

Cry out to God to expose any place of lukewarmness in you. Ask Him to ignite you with holy fire. Ask Him to give you the grace to be all in, in this epic battle for your family, church, our city and nation! Ask Him to demolish every place of hopelessness and defeat that is in you. Ask Him for your faith to arise. Pray for your pastor to allow the Holy Spirit to ignite within him, with an even deeper passion and fire for Jesus in this hour of battle for our nation! Pray for your church to be ignited, so that every lukewarm place would become white hot and holy! Pray for every believer in our city who feels worn down and defeated, that those soiled garments of death would fall off of them, and that the truth that God does not lose would arouse His church to battle in this hour! May the truth that God does not lose resonate throughout the airwaves of our city!!!

(This post was inspired by and gleaned from a message by Kent Christmas at Regeneration Church on October 10, 2021)

To dream again!

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life.” Proverbs 13:12 (NLT)

There has been much “hope deferred” over this past season. So much disappointment, and as such many hearts are sick! We need to get beyond our disappointments in order to step into our divine appointments. Disappointment has a way of getting us off track from our purpose, our calling, and our destiny! If not dealt with disappointment will cause us to step into self-pity, into looking at things from our own understanding and trusting science over the Word!

There is a huge difference between expectation or expectancy. When we expect something, it is usually pretty specific. And when it doesn’t happen, which is usually the case, we have to deal with our disappointment, or it will become a stone in front of us on our journey. When they start to pile up, it becomes an obstacle, a road block that must be removed if we are to continue on our path of faith. Unfulfilled expectations are rampant today and if left unchecked will steal our capacity to dream and trust God for our future.

Though expectations can cause us to be tripped up, expectancy is totally different! It is not as specific but it is just as enthusiastic. We are to come to God with expectancy, not an expectation that He do something specific, according to our dictates! We come expecting Him to do something, something huge, something awesome, but we cannot restrict what that is, or how it is to look, or when it is to come! When He seems to tarry, we simply come back to Him and proclaim that we trust Him even if we don’t understand, and that we still expect Him to do exactly what He wants to do, which will be awesome!

Cry out for God to expose in you any and every place of disappointment and unfulfilled expectations that are impacting your walk with Him. Surrender these to Him and declare that you trust Him in all things! Ask Him to turn your expectations into expectancy. Ask Him to restore in you the ability to dream again, to hope again, and to step back onto His path of life for you! Pray for your pastor, asking God to do the same in him. Pray for others whom you know their hearts are sick because of disappointments. Cry out for those who have walked away for the Church or from the faith because of disappointments! May the hope deferred over this past season be blown out of our city and be replaced with God given dreams and expectancy!

Without limit!

“For the one whom God has sent speaks the words of God, for God gives the Spirit without limit.” John 3:34 (NIV)

Jesus was fully man and fully God, but He laid aside His divinity to carry our sin and to do what we were going to do. Jesus performed miracles because the Father had given Him the Holy Spirit without measure! That same Spirit has been given to us to do what Jesus did! Jesus aptly says that we can do what He has done, and even greater works than these (John 14:12). Jesus had said He must go to the Father so He could send us the Holy Spirit. (John 16:7), and this happened at Pentecost (Acts 2). Jesus promised that those who believe in Him would have signs and wonders accompanying their messages about Him (Mark 16:17-18). A sign is not the destination, but a marker, or pointer, indicating one is on the right path, heading the right direction. As we step into the great days of revival that are bursting upon us, signs and wonders will accompany those who believe, because we will be operating in the Spirit that has been given without limit! Even today such signs, wonders and miracles are happening across our nation and beyond. God is moving, and wants us to ask and believe in His name, and He will answer us, “so that the Son may bring glory to the Father” (John 14:13).

Ask the Father to fill you, even empower you with the Holy Spirit without limit so that you can do what Jesus did and even the greater works He promised. Pray for your pastor to be filled with the Holy Spirit without limit and for His empowering to flow through your congregation! Pray for churches across our city to overflow with the Holy Spirit empowering signs, wonders, miracles, prophecy and evangelism in every neighborhood in Athens!

Wake up!

“Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision! For the day of the Lord is near in the valley of decision.” Joel 3:14 (ESV)

We recently entered the Jewish year 5782. One meaning for this is “to rouse.” This year is our wake-up call. It is not a quiet, gentle sound we can simply sleep through. God is allowing a violent shake and roar throughout the globe. The call is one that is awakening those willing to respond. Those who sleep through this are, simply put, dead! Nevertheless, this is the year of awakening and reawakening! A year of prodigals coming home. This is a year of separation. A year of decision. A year to choose whom you will serve and follow! You do have a choice… will you succumb to the spirit of fear, of compromise, of tolerating evil, or will you shake off the death clothes, the things that tie you down, the things that keep you silent, and get up out of bed to run the race of faith with Jesus!

Proclaim with a loud voice that you are awake! Ask the Holy Spirit to fill you afresh right now for the day that is before you! Ask Him to allow you to help others wake up and get out of bed! Cry out in agreement for prodigals to come, for awakening in your church, and for reawakening of those who turned away from the faith. Cry out for this wake-up call to be heard and responded to across our city, nation and globe! Pray for a clear distinction between those who are awake and those who remain asleep. Ask God to gather around you others who are awake, whom you can journey with! Ask Him whom you should separate from!