“But He called back, ‘Go away! Do I know you? I can assure you, I don’t even know you!’” Matthew 25:12 (TPT)

In the parable of the ten virgins Jesus paints a picture of a sleeping church, who thought they were ready. Sadly, many churches today are preaching self-help, feel good messages. They are preaching ‘broad road’ sermons. People at these churches are not becoming more prepared for the ‘great and terrible’ days ahead. They are not nurturing an intimate relationship with the coming Bridegroom, and unfortunately they very possibly could be the ones who hear Him say, ‘Away from Me! I do not know you!’

Is your church preaching the cross, surrender, dying to self and preparing for persecution? Are you being equipped in the Holy Spirit and in spiritual warfare? We’re at war, and if you’re not fighting it, you’re either asleep or already a prisoner of war! Maybe you have been lulled asleep, and right now you fit into the five foolish virgins category. The Great Commission is not about making converts who fill buildings. It’s about going and making disciples, who look like Jesus!

Jesus Himself said, ‘teach them ALL I have commanded you!’ His instruction wasn’t water it down so it’s relevant for today. ‘All’ means speaking and teaching about ‘everything’ He said! This includes marriage between one man and one woman, about gender, about purity, about divorce, about dying to self and picking up one’s cross, daily and about the power of God! Such churches produce wholehearted radical followers of Jesus.

Please, pray about this! Ask God to show you where you are supposed to be investing your time, money and talents, where you are to be getting fed. Ask Him to ‘wake you up’ if you have been lulled asleep.  Ask Him to equip you for spiritual warfare and empower you in the Holy Spirit. Ask Him to ignite and anoint your passion, specifically to preach the narrow road message. Ask Him to awaken your church to the reality of the battle and to rise up as battle ready warriors!