“And David shepherded them with integrity of heart; with skillful hands he led them.” Psalm 78:72 (NIV)

We have all been under bad leaders. Whether they were bad bosses, bad teachers, or even bad ministry leaders and/or pastors. But these bad leaders can either make us better or bitter. It is crazy just how many bad leaders there are! I know I have been under my share of them! Sadly, it’s not a new thing. Even the Old Testament prophets warned of shepherds without integrity (Jeremiah 23:1, Isaiah 56:11, Ezekiel 34:2-10). That is why David stood out so much. He attracted the best of the best because he led them well! And yet, David was not a perfect man, and had some significant flaws!

James warns us that not everyone should presume to be teachers. Since leadership is about being influencers, this warning would include leaders, after all KJV calls them “masters!” James said, they will “be judged more strictly” (3:1). Those who lead come under higher judgment! Much more is expected, even required of leaders.

Being under a bad leader (whether boss, teacher, pastor, etc.), one has the opportunity to see what not to do and actually, what to do, instead. It also provides an opportunity to serve ‘unto the Lord!’ Graham Cooke calls them ‘grace growers!’ Nevertheless, please take time to consider and then forgive those who have been (maybe still are) bad leaders in your life!

Pray for those leaders who have hurt you, who have disappointed you, abandoned you and/or rejected you. Ask God to expose their own wounds and sin and bring healing in their lives. Ask God to bring healing in your life and to make you better because of them and to remove any bitterness or resentment. Pray for your pastor to seek the Lord regarding being a leader like David, who shepherd’s their flock with integrity of heart and great leadership skills.