“For our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the world powers of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavens.” Ephesians 6:12 (HCSB)

Have you noticed the huge push for PRIDE MONTH and the loudness of the “woke” agenda?  Target with its tuck friendly wear, Kohl’s with their “Pride” baby line of clothes, the Dodgers with their blasphemous drag queen climbing all over a person on a cross, Bud Light with their trans support (just to name a few), and the whole LGBTQ movement is coming out swinging. They are ramming it down our throats! They’re desperate! They know that much is about to be exposed regarding pedophilia, from the level and perpetrators of sex trafficking to the absolutely perverted use of slave toys, they are hoping to normalize perversion before more comes out. 

Normalization is a process that makes something more normal, regular or acceptable. This includes the process through which ideas and behaviors that fall outside of social norms come to be regarded as normal. We are in a battle for what is normal and acceptable!

The Church MUST speak up, show up and pray up! Do you really want your grand kids to grow up in a world where perversion at any level, sex with anyone, at any age at any time is not only permissible but it’s the value? The spiritual warfare right now is very intense and don’t expect it to decrease during June’s pride month! But get ready and engage!

This Thursday, June 1, there is an official raising of the LGBTQ flag at Athens City Hall. As such, pastors, intercessors and others will be gathering across the street to pray. We’ll start at 10:30am and conclude around 11:30. We are not coming to confront people but to declare to the spirit realm behind the people that the Church will not go quietly into the darkness! Please join us if you’re able!

Yes, a normalization is coming, but it is not about darkness and perversion! It’s a new hour of revival, of awakening, of kingdom transformation. Our world is about to change, and it is good!

Please pray for boldness and wisdom within the Church to stand, speak and love as we enter pride month. Ask for God’s kindness to be revealed, for the revelation of who Jesus really is to be clear, and for the Church to love people but hate the bondage their stuck in to be made known throughout our city! Many are going to be set free from this bondage and the church needs to be ready to love them and disciple them, just as Church needed to do with the hippies in the 60’s. Pray for your pastor to engage and be a leader in reaching out, praying for and discipling this community. Pray that your church would be willing and ready to be salt and light in our world, even this week. Ask God what part you are to play in it! Pray for protection in this hour of battling for a new norm. Cry out for God’s new normal to be established in our city, nation and world!!!