“Fight the good fight of the faith.” 1 Timothy 6:12a (ESV)

God is opposed to Halloween and not only should we not participate in it in anyway, we should expose it and fight against it! The Apostle Paul warns us, “Don’t participate in the fruitless works of darkness, but instead expose them” (Ephesians 5:11 / HCSB). We are called to fight the good fight. This fight is not against people, though humans are definitely used by the devil. Since last year, darkness has gotten darker, well, more blatant and out in clear sight. Things that we would have outright rejected a decade ago, we now watch happening publicly today, and sadly so much of the Church simply quietly goes along!

We need to cry out for mercy for those who are doing these demons bidding. There will be real blood sacrifices this the next few days, so please take this very seriously. Our fight is spiritual and requires spiritual weaponry, but to not engage in the battle is to comply and accept by silence!

Please do not simply go along with it. Unlike in the past, the battle before us is so blatant and tangible. Perhaps more than ever, this Halloween is an important battle field because the end is near and the enemy knows he’s defeated! As such, he will use desperate and extreme measures! And so should we!!!

Consider fasting and praying for God to expose all the darkness connected with this hideous night of the devil. Give up a meal or three and seek the Lord. Pray for children to be safe, as many tend to go missing and end up on a satanic altar. Pray for parents to have discernment to see the wickedness of this night and teach their kids accordingly. Pray that parents would be courageous enough to possibly disappoint their children by forbidding them to dress up and go out into the night! Pray that the power of witchcraft would be broken in our city, with every curse and sacrifice that will be made to be nullified by the precious blood of Jesus Christ. Pray that every scheme of devil would be exposed and unfulfilled. Consider getting together with others to worship and pray for your neighborhood.

And please join us for The Oct31/Nov1 Prayer Vigil as we pray about witchcraft, Halloween and the potential terrorist attack on US soil. For more details or to sign up for a ONE HOUR slot, go to https://www.slottr.com/sheets/18279992. It starts at 12am on October 31 and concludes 48 hours later! And you can pray from wherever you are!

May the Lord bless you and empower you to fight the good fight of the faith over the coming days!!!