“A voice of one calling: ‘In the desert prepare the way for the LORD; make straight in the wilderness a highway for our God.’” Isaiah 40:3 (NIV)

So often we are looking for the church that has already arrived. We want to simply come and join in the spoils of a Holy Spirit rich atmosphere. But what if God wants you to be one who helps shift the atmosphere at a church. Actually, the Lord is looking for one’s who will prepare the way for Him to move in lives, our families, our churches and our city. Here are some ways to be the change that impacts the world around you!

We live in a day where so much knowledge is available to us. But we need to allow knowledge become revelation knowledge. Paul called this “wisdom and revelation” which leads to knowing God better (Ephesians 1:17). Being in an Information Age, it’s easy to be overwhelmed with so much information and content. There is a big difference between information and revelation! We need to take the information before the Lord and allow Him to turn it into revelation knowledge. As we experience more with God, He allows us to flow and rest in His revelation. He desires us to not copy and paste what others are saying but to gain His revelation. Take the content and your knowledge of the Word and seek His revelation of it! Ask Him to help you be a voice instead of an echo! Pray for your pastor to step from knowledge and content to revelation knowledge and release it in your church!

Learn to live in spontaneity. I know that is so scary to not have every second of our lives or especially our meetings and/or services, choreographed, but we must be willing to take risks. And it is so worth it! Whether we’re preaching, leading prayer or worship, we need to prepare well for it, but then lay it down and let God lead. Control is the enemy of revival and seeing His glory. But if we let Him, the Holy Spirit will shake us up, humble us and then comfort us with His presence. Please throw away predictable meetings. Don’t be bound up to what you can control. If we want to see new things then we need to do new things! Going around the mountain one more time will only yield the same results. Doing what we’ve always done only produces the same fruit. We need to let go and let God control our services, our meetings and our lives. Pray for your pastor to be willing to let go of control and allow God to do whatever He wants in his life and in your church.

Don’t be afraid of traveling through dry, barren places. Be willing to go into dry places, churches where the Holy Spirit is not moving, yet. Most of us want to go where the Spirit is already flowing, where life is happening. Instead cultivate a personal faith to take into dry places. Instead of shopping for a church where it is already happening, instead of simply being a consumer, maybe He wants you to be someone to help release the streams of living water in the dry barren places. People may need you to believe for them! Be the one when you walk into a room the atmosphere changes because you are so filled with the Holy Spirit. What you do in secret place with God can be brought to the public realm. Your secret faith can have a corporate impact. You can actually bring others into the realm that you enter into in your secret place. Ask Him where you are to go to church (in other words, don’t shop for a church) and then let Him use your faith to change the atmosphere there.

Lastly, find out what God likes and join Him in it. We’re reminded that unless the Lord builds the house we labor in vain (Psalm 127:1). Keep doing what He seems to doing in the moment. And definitely stop doing what God doesn’t like, or what He is no longer doing nor blessing. If something isn’t working, then stop doing it unless you sense the Lord wants you to continue in it. If you find things that contribute to His glory keep doing it. If there are things that you sense He doesn’t like, stop doing it. It could be a sound, a word, a song. Ask the Lord to show you every place in your life (or services) where the Holy Spirit is being quenched, and just stop doing it. Quenching the Spirit is like kinking the flow in a garden hose. Unkink it and get to spraying. Ask the Lord to show you any and every place where the Holy Spirit is being grieved. This is different from a kink in a hose, as this has more to do with making Him sad. As He shows you these places, whether personally or in your church, pray into them asking Him for His strategy to make the changes necessary for Him to not be quenched or grieved, but to want to come and be a part of your life (or worship services).

Ask God to grant you the grace to be the one who changes the atmosphere when you walk into the room. Ask Him for courage and grace to go to dry places and bring His presence. Ask Him to grace you with the ability to thrive in spontaneity, to let go of control and let Him flow in the moment! Ask Him for eyes to see what He is doing so you can join Him. And now pray all this for your pastor!