“Tyranny will be far from you!” Isaiah 54:14 (NIV)

There is a day coming soon, when we are going to find out the truth. Everything will become visible (Ephesians 5:12-13). So much is being uncovered, exposed and very soon will be disclosed and come into the light. We will know the truth about the… virus and those behind it, the masks, the vax, the treatment, and the mandates. Tyranny and the evil agenda is unraveling! Please keep praying!!!

The truth will be known as to why anyone had to die when the virus was very treatable. And there will be an outrage! We shall know the truth about the LGBQT+ agenda, about CRT, about BLM and the fraudulent government! The same thing they did with the election they are trying to do with our nation! They are lying, deceiving, stealing and destroying. Oh, that sounds like someone else (John 10:10). But God is not done with our nation. And it is not time for the Anti-Christ to arise with his global community of anarchy. Tyranny will not win!

Please pray for God to continue to uncover, expose and bring confusion to the enemy’s camp. Ask Him to tear down the lies and deception that is trying to suffocate our nation. Declare that WE shall know the truth and the truth will set us free (John 8:32). Ask God to give you eyes of discernment and a greater clarity how to pray, intercede and battle in this hour. Declare that God is not finished with America, and that the greatest harvest is about to come! Pray that eyes would be opened across our nation to see what He is doing! In faith thank Him for turning our nation back to Him!