“Be sober minded, be watchful. You adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. Resist him, firm in your faith…” 1 Peter 5:8-9a (ESV)

The Oxford Languages Dictionary defines a bigot as “a person who is obstinately or unreasonably attached to a belief, opinion, or faction, especially one who is prejudiced against or antagonistic toward a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular group.” I have actually heard this used recently for someone who is challenging the government’s narrative!

The enemy is constantly spinning webs, attacking people’s character, calling names, deflecting the truth with lies and dis-information. Yes, name calling, character assassination, lying witnesses, are all part of the enemy’s methodology! And somehow it is ok to destroy and burn down cities and tear down monuments but to have a “peaceful” North America-wide truck convoy as a protest to the government vaccine policies (i.e. masks, lockdowns, mandates), they are called a cult, an enemy of the State and accused of selfishly stealing from others who are in need! Such hypocrisy!!! People are lining the streets and overpasses by the thousands, even in the coldest conditions to support the convoy! They are crying out for freedom!

Or if you challenge the open borders you most likely will be called a bigot. Labels, name calling is a strategy of the enemy! All the while in December 2021, almost 200,000 people illegally crossed the border, which was about the same as the last three years for the same month, combined. Likewise, you had better not question the illegal activity of the federal government secretly flying thousands of illegal border crossers to various places around the US. Right now, our government is allowing our nation to be invaded while we rush to try to protect Ukraine’s border from a Russian invasion. Hypocrisy!

Thanks to the open borders, sex and human trafficking is flooding into our nation. And that’s not all. Fentanyl, a deadly drug, is pouring into America from this border crossing. In fact, each month there is enough Fentanyl crossing over to kill everyone in America. Did you hear me? Every month that the border is open! The cartels are behind this, and our government is fueling it! Nations that hate us are taking advantage of this. Terrorists are now just walking freely into this land, unopposed. Drug abuse has increased, homeless tent cities are rising up, crime is soaring. But to speak up about it gets frowns and names thrown your way!

It’s time to get righteously angry! The Church must wake up! This issue is not just for the border states. It’s time for people of faith to rise up! People are being transported throughout the nation, Atlanta included! Please hear this, I am all for legal immigration, but not for anybody and everybody!

Pray that God would wake up those who are still sleeping. Ask Him for wisdom on your part to know what you can do, and how you should pray about this! Ask God for your church to become resistors of the accuser, to stand firm in this day of intimidation, to ignore the enemy’s name calling, and to speak up while we still have the opportunity! Pray that your church would engage in this battle, but not fight it as the world or the devil does! We have weaponry that has divine power to demolish strongholds, and demonic platforms. Ask God to train you and your church in the art of war! Pray that the church would step up and pray, declare, proclaim and believe like never before. Pray that your church would not ignore the border issue! May faith arise across our city!!!