But some of them went to the Pharisees and told them what Jesus had done.” John 11:46 (HCSB)

Miracles in broad day light yet denied! How can it be? The cost to accept, to believe in them, and to make the changes in life that would be required if accepted, was just too high! The Pharisees were not able to see the miracles over the offense of violating the Sabbath rules or Jesus calling Himself God’s son! The when Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead not everyone was impressed. In fact, some quickly ran to the Pharisees to tell on Jesus. So many of us just can’t wait for more miracles to begin happening so that those “hard” people would finally believe! Yes, more miracles are coming, but the reality is, not everyone will believe them. These miracles will accompany those who believe (Mark 16:17). But if people didn’t believe Jesus’ miracles, why should we except everyone to believe it when we start doing them?

Many of our family and friends are not really interested in truth. They might say they are, but they put parameters around it. Nevertheless, let’s begin to pray that those around us would be prepared to hear and see truth that is outside their box, truth that will cost them to accept, truth that will radically change their lives!

Thank the Lord that you live in this day and age, as God begins in very tangible ways to release His manifest presence, His glory, in and around your life! Invite Him to release signs and wonders, even miracles through you, your church and the churches across our city. Ask Him to prepare the hearts of those you know who are currently resistant to truth. Cry out for them by name, that the Holy Spirit would prepare the soil of their hearts to see, believe and receive the truth, even if it costs them everything! Pray that for all the others across our city who have resisted the Holy Spirit and as such allowed their hearts to become calloused to truth. Ask God to prepare Athens for miracles happening in the streets with the weight of His glory resting upon this city!