“For the wedding of the Lamb has come, and His bride has made herself ready.” Revelation 19:7b (NIV)

This past weekend we heard a fresh word from Todd White at the Global Prophetic Summit. He was broken and could barely share about seeing the flaming eyes of Jesus and hearing His words for His bride to get herself ready. As we are being called to get ready, this is a season for the bride to sift through her wardrobe and get rid of all her garments, except the robe of righteousness. This has to do with the garments of the flesh, both sinful and the works of religion. This is also a season for her to be sure that her oil container is filled (Matthew 25:1-13). This is intentionally taking time every day to dig deeper in intimacy with Jesus via the Holy Spirit!

Jesus is not coming for a withered, lukewarm bride. He is coming for a radiant, passionate, holy, fiery hot bride, who has taken the time to get herself ready! Such readiness does not happen accidentally. It requires an intentional effort on the bride’s behalf! Unless you are purposefully and intentionally getting yourself ready, you will not be ready!

By the way, Jesus, is not coming back as the gentle Lamb. No, He is coming back with fire in His eyes, and a sword in His mouth, as the Lion of the tribe Judah, to devour the enemies of His Father! He is coming back in glory and splendor, with an iron scepter in His hand!

Cry out to God, asking Him to show you which garments you need to throw out. I know that may sound pretty mystical, but I believe if you invite the Holy Spirit to help you do the sifting (and we’re not talking your physical wardrobe) He will. And if you’re not already doing this, starting today, press into Jesus for fresh oil of His Holy Spirit through deeper intimacy with Jesus. Ask Him for revelation of His fiery eyes! Ask this for your pastor and your church as well.