“Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labor in vain.” Psalm 127:1a (NIV)

As you may have heard, we are in the process of starting Athens House of Prayer (AHOP). Our desire is to ultimately see a day and night intercessory worship covering over our city. Several churches have operating houses of prayer, but none of us are nonstop, day and night, 24/7 centers for prayer. It takes a unified, citywide church to pull off a citywide house of prayer. And we believe God is building it. There are a few churches working together to lean toward this reality, but we desire many more!

Pray that God would give us the blueprints for Athens House of Prayer. Just like He showed Moses regarding the Tabernacle, and David for his tent and Solomon for his temple, pray that God would show us what it looks like for our city. And ask Him to provide the workers, the resources and more churches to join us. Pray that zeal for His house would consume us, His children, in our city! Pray that Athens would become a place where God wants His glory to rest!

“Oh Lord, may this consuming zeal for You and Your housel, drive us into the hidden secret lonely place with You, may it drive us out into the world to ignite a fire among those who don’t know You yet, and may this zeal release revival in Your church and awakening across our city and beyond! Amen!”