For our God is a consuming fire.” Hebrews 12:29 (KJV)

Just recently, some friends had a bonfire on their property! When they were finished they carefully put it out and covered it up. The next morning when they got up to checked on it and all was good. There was no trace of a burning or even smoldering. Even on the second day there was nothing! But on the third morning when they got up early, the fire had reignited and was totally ablaze once again! The picture is prophetic! That which seems dead and buried is about to come back to life!!! The fire that once burned bright and hot, but currently seems gone, is about to reignite!

Those prodigals who once burned with holy passion and calling, are about to get re-instated in the army of God! Those churches that once were dynamic centers for life, truth and revival, will once again be hot spots of the Holy Spirit! Just as Jesus was in the grave for three days, and everything appeared lost, then suddenly, miraculously, resurrection power brought Him back to life! Likewise, those people, pastors, churches and ministries that appear dead are about to experience the resurrection power, and will never be the same! Our nation, that appears to have died, is about to be resurrected and set ablaze!

Cry out for God to stoke the fire within you! Ask Him to ignite every place that has been reduced to a smolder. Tell Him that you desire to burn white hot for Him once again!  Pray for others who you know that no longer demonstrates the fire, to be reignited. Pray for them by name, especially for your children. Pray for your pastor and church to be reignited with a first love fire for Jesus. Ask God to let His fire fall from heaven upon your church. Cry out for other churches around Athens to be reignited with fresh fire from heaven! And, please cry out for that holy fire that once burned in our nation to be reignited!