Check it out!

Yes, truth is gone, and anyone who renounces evil is attacked. The LORD looked and was displeased to find there was no justice.” Isaiah 59:15 (NLT)

Jesus said we would know the truth and it would set us free (John 8:32). Only known truth has the power to set us free. The truth is out there, but it must become our truth to do its work. Truth needs to be embraced and applied for it to release the freedom it promises! We are in an hour where truth is being made known, but so many people are not accepting it. They either call it a rumor, a conspiracy, or a lie. Some just ignore or deny it out of fear or shame! Nevertheless, Jesus desires us to see, with unveiled eyes the truth that is being revealed in this hour.

For example, why are there so many earthquakes at exactly 10k deep? We’re talking a lot of so-called earthquakes are happening every day at that depth. Check into it!

Have you heard of the children being rescued from traffickers, we’re talking millions? Please look into it! Have you heard of HEK293? It is Human Embryonic Kidneys, and it is added to so many of our foods and drinks. Why? Check it out and you will be shocked, even horrified! Should you stop purchasing, and eating these products?

What about the CBCD that is so quickly being forced on us? Have you checked into what it would actually do in restricting our freedom and how close it is to actually being released? Please check it out!

Have you followed what Noah Harari (WEF) has been blatantly saying the globalist are planning to do? They have the money to do it thanks to the backing of the wealthy elites around the world. Check into it!

Have you heard about CERN, and what they are actually trying to accomplish with the particle accelerator? And why do they have the Hindu god of destruction (Shiva) at their gate? Why was it built under the Temple of Apollo (consider Apollyon in Revelation 9:11)? Why did they display a demonic orgy at their grand opening, with world leaders watching on with glee? Please check into it (but I warn you, the video from the ceremony is very vulgar).

Ignoring these (and the other outrageous) things being revealed/exposed will not go well for you. Turning your head to them doesn’t make them any less real, or the consequence they will bring any less painful.

When I say check into it, don’t expect truth from Google. Check out other search engines such as DUCK DUCK GO.

Please fix your eyes on Jesus and recommit your whole heart to Him. He is able to save! Pray that the church would wake up, see the truth and embrace it, starting with your own! Pray for your pastor to completely wake up and actually look into these threats, and begin equipping and leading your congregation through it by faith. Pray that the church in our city and nation will rise up as warriors of truth, to stand against tyranny and every demonic scheme of this hours, to even storm the gates of hell to set other captives free! Pray that everything that needs to be exposed would be exposed, now! Thank the Lord that you are alive today, in this new year, to be a part of history and the freedom God is bringing right now!