“It is safer to meet a bear robbed of her cubs than to confront a fool caught in foolishness.” Proverbs 17:12 (NLT)

The San Francisco gay choir very recently released a song revealing their demonic agenda! It is filled with mockery! They unapologetically proclaim they will convert our children! Apparently, there are actually convicted sexual offenders in the video. Their demonic agenda is nothing less than the perversion and defilement of our children. They literally declared they are coming after our kids!  Following the release of this song there was a huge out cry and now they say it was just a satire, a joke. This is not a joke! We cannot be quiet! This is all about our children! This is a war cry! We cannot ignore it! We must engage! 

If you want to watch, see and hear the threat from these broken hurting people, google it yourself. The name of the song is “We’re Coming For Your Children.” They say it is satirical, a parody! But it is not! It is a blatant sign of the evil days we live in!

We must pray, declare, and fight for our children! Take time to cry out to God for your kids. We also need to take a stand. It is not love to condone sin! It is about God’s word,  His holy standard has not changed. God’s word does not compromise just because it might ‘offend’ or seem unloving! God’s word remains steadfast and true! We must reject wokism, as it is a counterfeit faith! It is a lie!

Pray for those who have been entrapped by this lie. Ask God to release a greater boldness in our church leaders to preach the full word of God, even if it offends some. Pray that God would unveil the truth behind this song and the gay agenda. Ask the Lord what you are supposed to do (i.e. get involved in our local school board and challenge the sexually perverted curriculum, increase your intercession for the purity of the kids at your church, etc). Lance Wallnau says that “You cannot trust the devil to be a good babysitter.” Ask God to move parents to raise Godly children who desire purity instead of handing over their parental responsibility to the public schools and others. Ask God to stir parent like the she-bear robbed of her cubs!!!