“Today I have given you the choice between life and death, between blessings and curses….” Deuteronomy 30:19a (NLT)

Every Tuesday and Thursday, The Victory Channel airs a powerful and inspiring program called FlashPoint. The most recent one on Tuesday night (February 23) was especially gripping, convicting and powerful. Please check it out when you have 90 minutes at https://www.facebook.com/TheVictor…/videos/251460016563460.

Much of this post is coming from Tuesday’s FlashPoint.

When we choose life God literally blesses us. If we choose death we actually choose to be cursed. Sadly, the hands of our nation have blood on them, we’re talking a lot of blood. In our nation alone, over 1 million babies a year are murdered! Globally the number soars upwards of 40 to 60 million.

Of all the abortions that occur in the US, at least 1 in 4 happen from people in church. The primary reason for this is the silence of the church! We are guilty of the sin of omission (James 4:17). The sin of omission is a sin committed because of neglecting to do what is right. It is being silent, saying nothing, while blatant sin is occurring in our nation. And most pulpits are silent about abortion being a sin. By the way, God hates the shedding of innocent blood (i.e. abortion). It is called an abomination in His sight. Just check out Proverbs 6:16-19, and Psalm 10:8, 106:38, Isaiah 59:7, and Jeremiah 19:4. The church and the people of this nation must speak for the ones who have no voice. The church has authority to deal with this! If we’ll stand up, speak up, we will see the tide of abortion changed in our nation. But the church needs to be educated.

Now just in the USA, over 62 million babies have been ripped from their mother’s womb since 1973! Let that number sink into your soul. Let me put that into perspective. California has approximately 40 million people and Florida has nearly 22 million, and they are the first and the third most populated states in the USA. Their combined total population is 62 million! Whew! There have been as many babies murdered through abortion as there are currently people living in California and Florida. And get this, our nation would have had 60 million more people alive and each of these children had destinies and purposes from God to fulfill through their lives on this planet. All stolen, ripped off, because of the vile practice of the abortion industry.

How can it be legal to kill a human being, let alone an innocent one? It is time to overturn this crime against humanity!

It is said that Francis Schaefer commented that a sign should be posted at the door of every abortion clinic in the USA saying, “Open by permission of the Church!” The church has failed. We have failed!

There is more to this than simply a big business. There is a demonic power behind this abortion industry. The shedding of innocent blood literally empowers the demonic power named Molech. It is no wonder we have experienced such darkness over the past 50 years. Molech, a blood thirsty god is well fed by our nation! See Jeremiah 19:4.Will you take a stand? Will you no longer be silent? The starting place is to pray about it daily. If our nation doesn’t stop this hideous crime, we do not have a future! But there is still hope! And the church needs to lead the way! We will be held accountable for how we lead the way forward!

What you can do…

Currently there is a Pro-Life Bill (SB6) being considered in Arkansas! The consequence of it could ultimately lead to the Supreme Court. Please make a stand and let your voice be heard by…

1/ Sharing the Victory Channel FlashPoint from Tuesday, February 22.

2/ Emailing Jason Rapert (Arkansas Senator) saying you support him. Go to his website (jasonrapert.com), sign up to abolish abortion. You do not have to be an Arkansas resident. Arkansas was recently called the most pro-life state in the nation!

3/ Checking out ChristianLawmakers.com… The bottom line is Godly leaders make Godly laws! And as we are seeing right now, ungodly leaders, well, make ungodly laws! This website is a community of resources helping Christians get involved in government.

4/ In March 2019, a movie was released exposing the wickedness of planned parenthood and the abortion industry. Please watch this movie, even use it as discussion starter. You can get more details on it, and/or purchase it at Unplannedfilm.com

How to pray…

1/ Pray for pastors, starting with your pastor and others across our city and nation to stand up, and speak up about the sin of abortion. Pray that these pastors would have their eyes opened, pray for conviction and revelation. Abortion is not a political issue!

2/ Pray for those who have had abortions, as they need to be ministered to. By our silence, these victims have had to carry their pain, shame, trauma and condemnation. Pray for those hidden women and men who live with the scars of being a part of an abortion. Pray for them to be freed from the bondage of this hidden sin.

3/ Pray for Godly leaders in our state and nation to rise up to make Godly laws! Ask God to remove those who support the murder of the innocent unborn.

4/ Pray for the Supreme Court as they look to take cases that will impact life in our nation. Ask God to give these justices conviction and courage to take on this vital issue in our day!

5/ Ask God what He wants you to do.

“Today I have given you the choice between life and death, between blessings and curses. Now I call on heaven and earth to witness the choice you make. Oh, that you would choose life, so that you and your descendants might live! You can make this choice by loving the LORD your God, obeying Him, and committing yourself firmly to Him. This is the key to your life. And if you love and obey the LORD, you will live long in the land the LORD swore to give your ancestors Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.” Deuteronomy 30:19-20 (NLT)