From the same mouth come blessing and cursing. My brothers, these things ought not to be so.” James 3:10 (ESV)

Our words have power. James, the half-brother of Jesus, said that our words can bring both blessing and curse (3:10). When God created, He simply spoke and there was (Genesis 1:3). We’ve been created in His image, and one of the aspects of that is the power of our words. What we say can bring either life or death, blessing or curse. Our words have impact on ourselves, and on others.

God desired all the Israelites to go into the Promised Land. But their grumbling and complaining prevented God’s blessing. Look what happened when Miriam grumbled against Moses (Numbers 12). Not only was she struck down with leprosy, even after Moses prayed for her and the leprosy was cleansed, she never again had a place of prominence. By her words she was disqualified!

Yes, the words we speak, blessing and cursing, will not only impact others, but will return upon ourselves. You will reap what you’ve sown (Galatians 6:7-8)! Every word we speak is a seed, and it will bring forth its harvest, whether good or not! Our words can bless or curse ourselves. Calling yourself worthless, stupid, ugly, unlovable, etc., are simply curses you are setting upon yourself. Instead declare out loud, what the word of God says about you. Like, you are deeply loved and lovable. You are gifted and needed! You are valuable. You are a child of God, of the King. You are beautiful. You have authority and worth! And keep doing it!

Please understand, witches do cast curses and when they back it with a blood sacrifice, its power increases. Nevertheless, Christians can send powerful curses against others as well. We operate under the blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Many Christians can pray soulish prayers, which are prayers originating from the flesh and not the Spirit. Our words have authority, so be careful what you say and pray. Invest your words wisely. Allow the Holy Spirit to guide your tongue to bring encouragement and life, blessing and hope! You get to choose your words. No one else has that power over you. So, please see your words as currency; you can waste it, spend it or invest it. The choice is yours. When you get angry or frustrated, instead of cursing, complaining or grumbling, choose to bless and pray.

Dedicate your tongue to the Lord. Ask Him to make your words pleasing to Him at all times. Ask Him to show you how to invest your words. Ask Him to empower your words even more, that every day you might speak more and more life to those around you! Ask Him to quickly convict you when you begin to grumble or complain or curse. Ask Him how to be a blessing to your pastor and at your church! May the words of your mouth be pleasing to God and others!