“When the righteous thrive, the people rejoice; when the wicked rule, the people groan.” Proverbs 29:2 (NIV)

There is a crazy notion that it is wrong to love our nation and be a Christian. That somehow, by loving our nation we make it an idol. Nevertheless, here’s my confession. I am a Christian and I am a Nationalist. I love the Lord, and I love this nation. I love the Bible and I love the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. And just to be clear I love God way more, but He has allowed me to be born in this beautiful nation. I recall attending our first national baseball game in California after nearly 19 years in Australia. When the National Anthem was sung, both Shellie & I literally cried, thanking God for those who paid the price for the freedom of this nation! I still do! The part in the National Anthem with bombs bursting in air, and those men who gave their lives so that the flag was still there in the morning, is nothing short of moving!

Please don’t be ashamed to be an American, nor a Christian. Though there are many who want to destroy our great nation, there are actually many MANY more who love this nation and are waking up to the truth of what is going on. Multitudes who have left their homeland to make America their new home are so frustrated and brokenhearted as they watch it go the same way theirs went, the very reason they left. And btw, I also love our environment and truly care for our planet!

Pray that those who want to destroy America would be removed from their usurped places of power and replaced by those who love our nation, its documents and its destiny to bless others and take the Gospel across the globe. America exists to resist evil and advance the kingdom of God. That was declared on the shores when people first started arriving in our nation. Those who want to destroy our nation want to go globalist, meaning no borders, one world government, one world military, reducing the population with a few elitists in control. Pray that this agenda would be exposed to all, that it would be squeezed and that these traitors would be replaced with righteous leaders, who truly represent the people. Remember, those who lead us are meant to be for the people and by the people. Right now, it is not that way! May our nation rejoice once again!!!