“Your southern side will be from the Wilderness of Zin along the boundary of Edom. Your southern border on the east will begin at the east end of the Dead Sea.” Number 34:3 (HCSB)

If some have their way, the USA will soon be declassified, and no longer a Christian nation. Perhaps that has already happened! This is a tragic outcome of the anti-God secularism working in our schools, universities, big tech, media, and most parts of the government. To be a Christian used to mean someone who was like Christ, or who followed Christ and His word. Today the term is used so loosely to include those who grew up near a church, or goes to a church that no longer esteems the inspired word of God. It includes those who disregard the sanctity of life, of marriage and/or gender. And those who do hold to the word are seen as radical fundamentalists, even domestic terrorist, who need to be eradicated. Crazy thing, and quite revealing of our day is that this post may get censored or canceled because of using the words “Christian Nationalist” in the title!

Nationalists are simply people who love and identify with their nation. They appreciate borders and the values of their nation. Btw, this nation matters to God. He has breathed destiny in this land to be a Gospel sending, mission leader to the nations. The reality is, you cannot step into your destiny until you embrace your identity. Our identity as a nation is under attack! Our borders matter to God, in fact He put them! The soul of our nation was the target! And we must defend it!!!

Cry out for a Holy Spirit boldness to come upon those who are truly Christian. Pray for courage for those are love our nation. Pray for more people across our land to identify themselves as Christian Nationalists. Ask the Lord to stir it up in you, in your pastor, in your church and across our city. Pray that men, women and children would rise up against the tide of culture to stand firm on the Word, and for our nation!