“Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the LORD will do amazing things among you.”  Joshua 3:5 (NIV)

I remember growing up and being at the grocery store to hear a voice declaring over the loud speaker, “Clean up on aisle 3!” Apparently, someone dropped a jar of pickles! Well, I am not sure if that is a real memory or one from an old-time movie, but I do believe it makes a point… Where there are messes, there needs to be a clean-up! According to several prophetic voices, we are heading into a season of serious clean up.

As we pass the tipping point and God begins to release revival on a greater measure there will be much to clean up. After a war there has to be a time to clean up and rebuild. We have been (still going through) a war!

When a demon comes out of a person, that “space” must be replaced with the Holy Spirit, otherwise the person will end up worse than he was before his deliverance (Matthew 12:43-45)! The same thing is required with our cities, nation and nations. We must be ready to go in, clean up and occupy. It is all about taking possession and transforming the land!

Many bad habits have to be cast away and turned into good habits. This is called discipleship. False narratives, lies and strongholds will be demolished. There are many who have been wounded that need to be healed. Many who are demonized will still need to be set free. Many relationships need to be restored. Many systems need to be torn down and replaced with something good. Our whole medical system needs to be renovated. Currently doctors are trained to prescribe a pill, because the whole system is financed through big pharma! So many medical practitioners will need a new paradigm. The political system will need to be severely tweaked. The whole educational system needs to change. Our current one has failed, and at best it is indoctrinating. Homeschooling networks and new models of training our children are and will continue to emerge. Our financial system will be replaced, from a fiat dollar to a gold backed currency!

Even the way we “do” church will shift! There are a lot of “religious” ways, and even compromised leaders that need to be replaced with Spirit filled, holy vessels. The Five-Fold leadership structure will begin to be established in cities (Ephesians 4:11-13), linking together local churches as one unified citywide body of lovers of Jesus. Each part playing its unique role as a portion of the whole. Signs, wonders and His glory will increase and the nonchalant sing song worship services will no longer be adequate. His true people will no longer walk powerlessly, but will know their God and do great exploits with Him (Daniel 11:32 / NKJV, Mark 16:15-18). The fear of the Lord will increase as we see the severity of His holiness and the intensity of His mercy. Right now, many are receiving promotions, and will need to learn to walk in this new authority!

Of course, there are many who will resist, clinging to the old wineskins. Historically, the greatest persecution of the next move of God usually comes from the previous participants of a move of God. Denominations, churches, pastors, and leaders who deny, reject, quench and resist the Holy Spirit will be left behind. They will most likely be the greatest critics of the new work God is doing. Remember it was the religious order that killed our savior! And before Rome finally stepped in to persecute Christians, Paul and the early church experienced their most fierce attacks from the Jews, that is the religious leaders of Israel! It was the religious system that persecuted Luther and other reformers. We need to pray for mercy over those who are resisting the Holy Spirit in this hour!!!

All this to say, get ready, we have never been this way before. The world is not going back to the old normal. We are stepping into a new era, and what was “acceptable” in the past will not be allowed in God’s house this year and beyond. Judgment has begun in the house of the Lord. Please ask the Lord to do in you what needs to be done to prepare you to step into this new era victoriously. Ask Him to prepare you to be a vessel that carries His glory into your world (Habakkuk 2:14). Ask Him for discernment regarding what you need to jettison in your life and what you need to embrace more of. Ask Him to allow your life to help others cross over into this new world.