”Yahweh, You can scrutinize me. Refine my heart and probe my every thought. Put me to the test and You’ll find me true.” Psalm 26:2 (TPT)

The weight of hidden and secret sin is much heavier than most people imagine. It usually isn’t until it is out in the open that we see how much it was weighing us down. God is shaking the earth, both the physical and the spiritual. What is hidden will soon be made known, not just in the government or the supreme court, but also in the church. Now is the time to bring into the light any unconfessed sin, addictions, attitudes and “secret stuff” that we have been carrying. The church needs to come clean, and this starts with pastors and leaders who carry it, even if it is “little” in their eyes. David wrote that only those with clean hands, pure hearts, no idolatry, or falsehood can climb the holy hill and receive the blessing God wants to pour out (Psalm 24:3-6). Now, as we are on the edge of revival, it is time to come clean and be ready for what God is about to do!

Ask God to show you any and every hidden and secret sin that is resident within you. Ask Him to do the same in your pastor and church, and across our city and nation! We cannot carry our sin and expect God to move the way He wants to move in our homes, churches and nation!