Last weekend, we, the Church in Athens, were awakened to the reality that spiritual darkness lurks right in our classic city! Not only were we confronted with an 8 hour festival with some 20 vendors downtown, these groups were comprised of Wiccan, witch covens and dabblers who brought their goods to seduce others. There were teachings on various aspects of witchcraft, as well as several very public rituals which they performed trying to evoke more dark spiritual forces to come into Athens. They did not even attempt to hide this! Like so much other wickedness and darkness covering the people in our nation, this was a blatant and brazen display of it. Light always dispels darkness, but it has to be turned on (Isaiah 60:1-2). For light to shine we must show up, we must engage in prayer and worship like never before. These days are unprecedented.

Here is one awesome praise report from this weekend. At 2pm when the pagan fest began, a large children’s choir event started at The Classic Center and the entire program was Christian worship music. The crazy thing is that these were public and private school kids, not Christian schools or church groups! The Lord organized and ordained praise from the mouths of children downtown while this pagan event was happening.

Even before Saturday, many prayer people had come in groups and saturated the area in prayer and worship. Throughout the day we had groups coming from noon onward simply to pray and walk through the vendors and activities. We were light bearers, and carriers of God’s presence. Undoubtedly our presence interrupted their intentions. Likewise, many others prayed from wherever they were at. One church even set up a prayer chain to cover the event with 30 minute prayer slots! Thank you everyone, every church, every intercessor and praying person who stepped into this battle! It made a difference!!!

Nevertheless, we can not back down. This coming Monday is Halloween, another blatant, dark and evil, though candy coated night. Please be aware that this war for the soul of city is not over, by a long shot. This pagan group has been meeting in Athens since 2005, and have recently purchase a large parcel of land on the north side of the city. Please continue to seek the Lord as to His strategy to stand against this seductive, deceptive wickedness in our city. The church is the only mechanism equipped to battle this darkness. We must arise, stand together and fight the good fight of faith. We must continue to mobilize prayer, as well as sending teams of people to enter into loving conversations about Jesus to those who walk in darkness. This battle requires us to work together, stand together, pray together and reach out together!

Please pray that the church of Athens would wake up and arise in this hour, that your church would not stay hidden and/or pretend there is not a war going on for the soul of our city! Pray for a greater sense of unity in the Spirit amongst the local churches in Athens as we join together in this battle! Cry out for light to increase and expose every place of darkness, even gross darkness that is manifesting in our city, and perhaps in the church. Pray for worship and prayer to increase and for an awareness of the spiritual battle to grow. Pray that parents would chose to expose darkness instead of partnering with it this Halloween! And praise the Lord that light always wins over darkness!!!

Btw, Epiphany is a Christian owned and operated store that exists to fund missions. They rose up and let the light shine brightly through their windows, doors and lives! Please support them generously!