“‘There is no peace’ says he LORD, ‘for the wicked.’” Isaiah 48:22 (ESV)

The word wicked can be defined as twisted. That’s where we get the name wicker basket or furniture. Wicked people have twisted minds and live in a state of deception. Other terms for wicked are morally wrong, criminal, guilty one, hostile to God. Murder definitely fits under the “wicked” label.

Check https://www.worldometers.info/ and see where the real casualties are happening. Since the beginning of this year, out of 56 million deaths globally, abortion is the top killer, even over war. And Covid doesn’t even register because it is so small. Yet, there is such a pressure to jab everyone, while to date, over 40 million babies have been murdered worldwide since January 1, 2020. Come on, any and everyone who supports abortion is partnering with the devil, and is complicit with the wickedness of the world.

If you have partnered with death, please repent! Ask God for a grace to fight for the millions of babies who are crying out from under the altar of God. Your fight may mean not shopping at stores or dining at restaurants who support pro-death. Cry out for God to protect and render a just and righteous decision for the recent Supreme Court hearing on abortion (they won’t be revealing it until later next year, which gives the enemy time to put pressure on and change the decisions). Pray for your church to not be quiet about the hideous practice of the abortion industry.