Since you have never traveled this way before, they will guide you….” Joshua 3:4a (NLT)

We live in a convergence moment! What we do now matters! There is so much confusion because there is no map leading forward. There is no map saying, ‘You are here!’ This is a time for path cutters, and trailblazers. This generation needs guides to help navigate the terrain. Unfortunately, not all guides are qualified, or safe to follow.

Years ago, Shellie & I went on a whitewater raft trip down the American River in California. The water was higher than normal, and the rapids were more intense. I loved it, Shellie wasn’t so sure. But our guides were drunk the whole time, which at one point caused a serious flip over. It was nearly tragic and it could have been avoided if we had a sober guide. No wonder Jesus warned of blind guides (Matthew 15:14)!

God has placed you here, right now, for a reason! He handpicked you for a reason! But who you follow and how you lead others makes a huge difference. Years from now, don’t be the person who looks back at this historic moment with regret for being silent, and/or for following the wrong guides. Be the trail blazer for those around you. God has given most of us an oikos, that is, a group of people who are close enough to know us, who can be influenced by us, who have given us permission to speak into their lives. Please guide them!

Congratulations, you’re here to be a guide to others! Ask the Lord to grant you the grace to lead the way in such a time as this. Ask Him to give you eyes to see the opportunities and the people you are to invest in, specifically those whom God has placed in your life. Ask Him for boldness to speak all that is needed! Invite Him to be your guide, and to grant you human spiritual guides to lead you through these whitewater rapids. Ask Him to show you if you’re with the guide that He wants you to follow. Thank Him for not abandoning you, but for giving you all that you need in this hour to speak and to move forward.