Core values are those non-negotiable priorities that define who you are. The Athens Prayer Network has such values that provide boundaries to operate by.

Unity in the Body
We believe that there is One Church with many expressions. There is one Body with many parts (1 Corinthians 12). Other congregations are not the competition nor are they the enemy. Churches that believe in Jesus Christ as Lord are on the same team. They may look different, and emphasize different priorities, but we are One Church. Unity is not uniformity. There is much diversity in true unity. And with unity comes God’s blessing (Psalm 133)!

Intimacy with Jesus
We can do nothing of eternal significance apart from a vital relationship with Jesus Christ. Prayer is more about intimate partnership with Jesus than simply getting the job done. Apart from this intimate / abiding relationship with Jesus Christ we can do nothing (John 15). Loving Jesus with all our heart, mind, soul and strength is our greatest calling!

Power and importance of prayer
There is nothing that God can’t do, but there is much He doesn’t do apart from prayer. Historically, united fervent prayer has preceded every revival. Simply put, we do not have because we do not ask. God’s kingdom coming and His will being done is in direct proportion to our asking, as was revealed in Jesus’ instructions to His Disciples in the Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:10). Prayer makes all the difference and releases God’s power in the world!

Everything rises and falls on leadership. Pastors and leaders are the gatekeepers of our city. As pastors are so will their people be. If they pray, so will the people they lead. Pastors need to lead and model the way in prayer (Hebrews 13:7). No wonder we are warned that not all should presume to be teachers (James 3:1). Carrying such a vital role, pastors also need to be prayed for otherwise they will be preyed on!

Listening to the Spirit
God speaks today. The Spirit of Truth guides us into all truth, shows us the way forward into our future and reveals the Father’s heart (John 16:13). We just need to be willing to take the time to listen, and have the courage to obey. The Holy Spirit speaks through many means but will never contradict what He has given us in the written word. God has already spoken much about Athens, we now need His strategy on how He wants us to partner with Him in fulfilling His will for our city.

Kingdom of God
It is not so much about building the Church, but advancing the Kingdom. The Kingdom consists of the presence of the King and His authority over His realm. Jesus preached the kingdom of God and told His Disciples to pray it to come. Jesus desires for His kingdom to advance in Athens, not just to have lots of people in churches. Kingdom rule requires surrender to the King.

Everything we do flows out of these values. They are essential in defining who we are and how we operate. They set our priorities and describe why we do what we do.


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