“The LORD of Heaven’s Armies says, ‘The day of judgment is coming, burning like a furnace. On that day the arrogant and the wicked will be burned up like straw. They will be consumed—roots, branches, and all.’” Malachi 4:1 (NLT)

Decades ago there was a powerful song about these being the days of Elijah. This phrase spoke of the world going through a great trial (see 1 Kings 17-18). Well, I believe today is even more so!

The key battle for Elijah was against the Baal system, that was led by a powerful, perverted and oppressive Queen named Jezebel! Yes, that is the war we are embroiled in today. The truth of this is no longer hidden. Jezebel and Baal worship is so blatant! Blood and sexual sacrifices, specifically of the most innocent and purest, namely children, are as real today as ever, and it’s everywhere. Jezebel had prophets, high level leaders, eating from her table. This represents every sector of society having been infiltrated by this Baal system. Yes, from business and Hollywood executives, to government and education, even in the fields of medicine and technology, Baal worship is happening. Abortion is about an agenda and sacrifice, not about a woman’s right to her own body! Women have been duped to buy the narrative that feeds this Baal thirst for blood. Pedophilia and the drinking of terrorized children’s blood (getting high off of adrenochrome) is epidemic in the highest places, in probably every nation on the earth. Real Satanic worship occurs and we are beginning to see what has been hidden behind the curtains.

Sadly, the pulpits of America are some of the biggest mouth pieces for advancing the false narrative, even Jezebel’s agenda. They are the greatest source of disinformation. The truth will come out that many of these shepherds were wolves in disguise. The way they handled Covid, and the vaccines, their silent support of homosexuality, of gender or even of the fraudulent elections is evidence of the compromise. The “voting by color” is as racist and unbiblical as anything else, but many churches are encouraged to do so from the pulpit. Just as Elijah had to come out of hiding to confront these prophets of Baal, it’s time for pastors, churches and the prophetic voice to rise up against this wicked Baal system that operates today!

The days of Elijah was a time of judgment against a wicked demonic system, and the evil people operating it. That day is upon us again. Be careful not to allow your compassion to get in the way of God’s judgment. He is holy and the cups of iniquity are full. His patience is running thin. Judgment is against His enemies, not His children, but His church has been infiltrated.

Ask the Lord to open your eyes to see deeper into the lies and narrative that is right in front of your face. Ask Him to reveal the depth of Baal operating at every level, including the church. And invite Him to convict you of any and every area where you are partnered in it. Ask Him to prepare you for judgment upon the wicked and the evil system that has been serving their gods. Ask Him to show you what you can do about it, to be a prophetic warrior like Elijah. Ask the Lord to open the eyes of your pastor to every trace of Baal in your church. Yes, God is going to deal quite severely with it operating within His church. Pray that the prophetic intercessors would have even greater discernment in our city and God’s strategies on what to do. Ask Him to release the Spirit of Elijah (Malachi 4:5) upon His people, including you, in this time to turn the hearts of the fathers and children back to the one another! Thank Him for allowing you to be alive and able to make a difference in this hour!