“Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he reap.” Galatians 6:7 (ESV)

God told Adam the day he sinned he would die. Though something in his spirit died the moment he bit into the forbidden fruit, it took 930 years before he physically died (Genesis 5:5). His body carried that much glory that it took nearly a millennium to die! That is the law of seed plant harvest. The seeds we plant will determine our future harvest, and it usually is not immediate! What we do today will impact our tomorrow. And today we are reaping what was sown decades ago!

The Supreme Court begins their discussion this morning on whether to allow abortion to remain legal in our land. In the 1970’s the murder of unborn babies became legal, planting seeds that some 50 years later our nation is reaping the harvest. You see, no nation that killed their children ever survived. God has always judged those nations who offered their children to Baal, or whatever god you want to call it. Even, God’s chosen nation, Israel, when she turned and sacrificed her children to Baal, God released judgment! Though millions upon millions of prayers have been offered up for our nation in this recent season, I believe the answer has been delayed because of this curse on our land. Over sixty million babies are crying out! This week will set in motion what comes next! The Supreme Court will be hearing from both sides (pro-death and pro-life) and discussing it for a couple days, then on Friday they will decide. And we may not even hear the result for months, though I believe we will “feel” the results much sooner! Over the next several days we must pray!

Join the many intercessors who are on the ground this week in DC praying and following Holy Spirit’s lead on where to go and what to do. Your prayer right now, really does matter!!!

Pray, by name, for the nine justices… Roberts, Thomas, Breyer, Alito, Sotomayor, Kagan, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barrett. This group of judges are carrying a huge weight that will impact the future of our nation, and world! Ask God to stir integrity, honesty and the fear of Him in their lives. Ask that they would have dreams, visions and even encounters with God. Ask God for a grace over them to rule justly and in a God pleasing way!

Ask for a strong Holy Spirit presence in the courtroom, controlling the atmosphere, forbidding evil to operate and allowing good to win. In Jesus name, bind evil spirits from the room, and loose the Host of Heaven to cleanse the room (Matthew 16:19). Cry out for God to forgive and cleanse America from the shedding of years of innocent blood (Numbers 35:33). Ask God to release supernatural wisdom and language to the attorneys arguing for life. Ask God to confuse the thinking of those arguing for death, that their logic would seem foolish, their arguments illogical and disconnected. Thank the LORD for His law of seed plant harvest and for the ramifications of a righteous decision in the Supreme Court this week!