“God, if only You would tear open the heavenly realm and come down! How the mountains would tremble in Your awesome presence!” Isaiah 64:1 (TPT)

This past Sunday morning as I was heading to lead our pre-service prayer walk I was tearfully worshiping the Lord. As I drove into the parking lot, I paused to linger in the song Lord Send Revival by Hillsong. I cried, “Yes Lord!” As I I turned off the motor of my car and stepped out, I was shocked to hear the same song playing in the parking at exactly the same spot I was listening to in my car. I was so taken back that I pulled my phone out of my pocket to see if it was controlling the air waves over the church. Nope! It was a divine sync up! I then sensed the Lord say, “heaven and earth are in agreement! Revival is coming!!!” I ran to our church’s green room to share it with the guy who was leading worship. I prayed for the Holy Spirit to freely flow. There is great expectancy in the air these days. There is a divine sync happening, as heaven and earth agree. Revival is imminent! Revival is now!!!

Cry out with me:

Peace like a river wash over me

Immerse me in water as deep as the sea

Hide me in love and the healing it brings

Peace like a river wash over me

As I worship Your majesty

I worship Your holy name

Jesus My everything

All that I am is yours

Come Holy Spirit rain down on me

Open the heavens and drench me I’ll see

Pour out Your presence as I pour out Your praise

Come Holy Spirit, Lord have your way

As I worship Your majesty, I worship Your holy name

Jesus my everything, all that I am is Yours!

Open the heavens bring life again

Flood every heart with mercy

Pour out Your presence

Inhabit our praise

As we cry holy holy

Lord send revival, Lord send it now

Move in Your Spirit, heaven break out

Come now in power

Cover this land

As You’ve done it before would You do it again

Heaven break out…