“If the God we serve exists, then He can rescue us from the furnace of blazing fire, and He can rescue us from the power of you, the king.” Daniel 3:17 HCSB

Apparently, Pfizer paid NFL superstar Travis Kelce (two time Super Bowl winner from the Kansas City Chiefs) $20 million to encourage everyone to get the Covid boaster. He will be the face promoting the jab throughout this Fall’s college and NFL football season. So, why would they do that? For Travis it was likely the money and maybe to impress his (rumored) girlfriend, Taylor Swift. The reality is, the globalist agenda is all about depopulating the planet to 500 million people. And the jab is one of their primary means of accomplishing that goal. Kelce is leveraging his popularity to seduce young athletes who are a high risk of myocarditis and a low risk to Covid! Absolutely sinister!

Whatever age you are, don’t do it! Do not get the boaster! Studies have shown over and over that the vaccines are ineffective, harmful, and even deadly. From myocarditis to other previously rare sicknesses people are still dying from the vax, and they’re trying to get more people vaxxed. 

The ‘scary’ virus is just a flu. The vax is way worse. When the “cure” is worse than the sickness, it is wise not to take the so-called remedy. The truth is, these vaccines are simply kill shots. Do you realize that we have not been told the truth about the number of deaths and injuries caused by these death shots? I recently heard of a healthy teenager suddenly died over night from a heart attack! According to research the deaths caused by the vax is shockingly, around 20 million! Of course, that is not what the lying media is spewing out. And those who suffer other adverse consequences from the jab are 2.2 billion! As large as those numbers are, they will drastically increase in the coming days! Before you write this off, please do your own research. And do look outside the mainstream narrative resources. The science can be skewed, manipulated, especially for a price. We have been lied to about all this and more! PLEASE DO NOT COMPLY!!!

If you’ve gotten any of the jabs, please trust the Lord to be able to cleanse your blood and heal you of it. If you got the shot out of fear, repent. And just like Shadrach and friends did when they chose not to comply to King Nebuchadnezzar’s edict to bow to the golden statue of himself, chose today not to comply anymore. Cry out for God’s mercy, and plead the blood of Jesus over your body!

Pray for those you know who have gotten the jab. Cry out for God’s mercy over them. Plead the blood of Jesus to cover them and to nullify the sinister goal of the shots. Pray for everyone you know to be awakened to the truth, even if it hurts. Pray they would stop denying it, and instead confess it and their desperate need for Jesus’ touch. Pray that what the enemy meant for evil to be turned to good!

Pray that God would expose and depose of the corrupt big pharma, the compromised doctors, the lying media and every other person and source that have been pushing this evil, greedy globalist plan. Pray for the many doctors who have been silenced, even forced out of their practice because they tried to speak up. Pray for those doctors who have compromised, to come under conviction and come out to speak the truth! Pray that across our nation and globe people would rise up, say no and chose not to comply anymore!