“Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand firm.” Ephesians 6:13 (ESV)

My wife and I have been quite weary lately. We know it is a spiritual thing, but it is so real. The spiritual battle is so close to the surface. The enemy now blatantly flaunts his ways and works and sadly, most people have simply begun to accept it.

But I believe we are closer than we think. And things are not what they seem. Mark 4:22 tells us that hidden things will become viable. We must pray that hidden things come into the light!

What’s going on in Ukraine is not what we think. It’s not all about big bad Putin. There are things that many are afraid will be uncovered there. And the open borders are not what we think. For one thing, terrorists are now roaming our cities totally undetected, with drugs, gangs and sex traffic flowing freely. Not to mention a borderless nation is an unprotected nation! Those who are leading the nation are not who we think. They are simply puppets, actors responding to their hidden superiors. There is a globalist agenda that is much deeper and broader than we think. Much of what is called random or coincidental is much more intentional, with the purpose of making the population around the world submissive, desperate and broken, needing of a savior. The Afghanistan fiasco was not what we think. There is much more to it than just poor leadership and leaving behind weapons, money and people.

Our nation is not accidentally going from bad to worse. There is an agenda, a plan that is demonically driven by human agents who have surrendered to the evil one! Wicked governments throughout history have not been afraid or hesitant to kill their own people for the sake of their own agenda. Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Herod, Pol Pot are just a few examples of this dangerous reality. Why should we not be alert to evil governments today who could be willing to kill people to accomplish their agenda?

The economy sliding downhill is not accidental. The rising price of gas is not accidental. Remember the oil pipeline being shut down? That single-handedly set us up to being fuel dependent on other nations like Russia, Iran, Venezuela. Seriously!

Yes, we are tired, with our nights are filled with spiritual activity, but we must continue to stand, pray and not give up. Please pray with me that EVERYTHING hidden will be exposed! Ask God to empower His people in this hour to endure and not give up, even in their weariness. Ask God to strengthen and fill you a fresh today. Cry out for Him to do that with your pastor as well. Many pastors are so weary that they are no longer preaching razor sharp messages that might offend. Pray for a fresh anointing to fall on your pastor! Yes, pray that everything hidden would be brought into the light! And having done all, stand firm in this evil day!!!