“God will never be mocked! For what you plant will always be the very thing you harvest.” Galatians 6:7 (TPT)

There is much under the surface just about to burst forth. Like a seedling that was planted in the darkness of the earth, it germinates and grows in that hidden place, until suddenly it bursts forth life. Like a baby in the womb, where it is absolutely dark, God skillfully weaves this child together perfectly and then suddenly this life bursts forth in to the seen realm! What we plant will grow, and ultimately will bring forth a harvest. This is God’s law! And He will not be mocked!!!

The intense fervent, prolonged prayers of the saints, and we’re talking millions upon millions of them, are working just below the surface. God promises treasures hidden in dark places (Isaiah 45:3). God is about to release the harvest. Those who have sown in the Spirit are going to experience an amazing outpouring of the Holy Spirit. While those who have sown in the flesh, in wickedness are about to experience their harvest as well. Much is about to transpire and the dominos will begin to fall!

Please keep praying, keep believing, and keep your eyes on Jesus. Cry out for God’s mercy over those who deserve His judgment. Cry out for mercy over this current government who opposes God, His ways, His word and His people! Cry out for the church (starting with your own) to be ready for the harvest that is coming! Pray that this Sunday, which is Pentecost, will be a day when God moves powerfully in every place that has been prepared for Him!!!