“When many of His disciples heard this, they said, ‘This is a difficult and harsh and offensive statement. Who can [be expected to] listen to it?’But Jesus, aware that His disciples were complaining about it, asked them, ‘Does this cause you to stumble and take offense?’” John 6:60-61 (AMP)

As a prophetic people following Christ’s example, we are not to seek to be popular, or to make people happy. Our role is to speak as we believe the Lord has led us. And this may very well offend or “hurt someone’s feelings.” Truth that sets us free usually hurts first. For truth to set people free they must know it first (John 8:32). And just because a prophetic word didn’t happen in a way people expected, or in our timetable, or it offended us, doesn’t mean it was wrong. Yes, of course, I am referring to what many call ‘failed Trump prophecies!’ Let me just say, Trump did win, and by a landslide! But through the fraud and foreign interference, the election was stolen. The evidence is there! And all this is and will be exposed! That means those sitting in chairs today are illegitimate and criminals. Wait, someone might say, aren’t we to pray for those in authority? Yes, I do pray for the rightful president every day! And by the way, I also pray for those others every day as well, asking God to reveal Himself to them, to have mercy on them, to lay upon them the fear of God and to remove them from where they don’t belong! A shift is coming! Keep praying for those who were legally elected in November 2020 and ask God to prepare them to take their seats that will soon be vacated for them!

Ask God for courage to speak what He says to speak and to stand with and for what He says to stand on! If you are apologizing for what the Lord has shown you, repent of it. And join me in praying that the rightfully elected officials would be prepared to take their seats, and that everyone who were in anyway involved in fraud to be exposed and removed. Thank the Lord for not being done with America, and/or not giving up on us! Praise the Lord!