Give the LORD no rest until He completes His work, until He makes Jerusalem the pride of the earth.” Isaiah 62:7 (NLT)

Whenever lame stream media covers something please understand that it is not true. Well it is not completely true as they are telling it! Don’t believe the narrative we are being fed about the war in Israel. This post was crafted via my tweaked notes from Johnny Enlow on Elijah Streams, Monday October 9, 2023.

There is real suffering going on in the Middle East. There have been real attacks and real deaths. But in the midst of what we are being fed there is manipulation, even fake videos being produced. Nevertheless, there are 2000 confirmed dead, with prisoners taken, including women and children.

But understand this, the deep state is trying to start a war, a world war! Ukraine isn’t going as they desired. War is bad, and there is more going on than we are being told.

There is a reveal of Jerusalem that is going to take place. A future redemptive work is coming, a re-grafting into the Vine. Cry out for God to be moving, in now in this horrible time!

Beware of these four wrong/fake narratives…

1/ The rapture is about to happen is a fake narrative!

Israel being attacked is not a sign that Jesus is about to return. Jesus comes for a victorious church. He is not coming for a weak woke organized compromised church, but an awakened prepared bride. Jesus’ coming is not a rescue of a failed mission. His bride will shine a light to such an extent that the whole world has a knowledge of God’s glory (Habakkuk 2:14). Jesus’ coming is our reward for getting the job done not to save us from gross darkness. Creation awaits the revealing of the sons and daughters of Christ, not His return (Romans 8:19).

2/ Any message that promotes fear is fake!

There are many fear-based messages circulating. But the only fear we’re to have is of the Lord! Fear is not a good motivator! Psalm 23:4 tells us to fear no evil. Stockpiling guns, ammo and supplies out of fear is not trusting the Lord! Nevertheless, seek the Lord as to what you are to do to be prepared!

3/ Israel is the bad guy is another lie!

Yes, there are false Jews that are bad, but Israel is not the enemy! Khazarian Jews are not actually Jews. We’re even warned about this in the Book of Revelation (2:9). Beware of any anti-Semitic sentiment coming from the news, and/or the church. Not all of Israel is actually Israel. Like CIA, an element of Mossad is corrupt, and is actually a rogue element. There is a separating going on right now of what is Israel and what is not. Infiltration has occurred! The more kingdom importance something has the higher the targeting and infiltration that will happen. If the only institution that can defeat hell is the Church, it will be infiltrated. Yes, the Church has been infiltrated! Likewise, Israel is important, no wonder they have been a long-term target for extermination. 

4/ Israel is perfect and faultless is not true! 

Though Israel is God’s chosen people, they have rejected Jesus Christ. But a time is coming when they will be re-grafted into the true Vine. Still, there are infiltrators whose agenda is nefarious and in line with the globalists. As mentioned above, Mossad has an arm that works with the cabal. But God is exposing and removing them. 

These four narratives create a fog of war. We need discernment in this time. Don’t just assume your favorite preacher or prophet isn’t tainted somewhat, right now. You need to hear from the Lord about it! Seek Him, and trust Him with all your heart instead of leaning on your own understanding or what is being reported to you (Proverbs 3:5).

What is the true narrative…

The stage is being set for the greatest reveal of the kingdom of God this world has ever seen. This will be global, with new breakthroughs on every mountain of society. 

Pray for peace in Jerusalem, across Israel and throughout the Middle East to come quickly. Pray that the true narrative would be seen and the false ones to be exposed for what they are! Pray for discernment for yourself and especially your pastor! Pray that every deceptive infiltration of the cabal would be exposed and removed, globally! Pray for the Church to awaken in this hour, and arise to who she really is. Pray that the deep state won’t succeed in starting a world war. Declare no to their plans! Pray that every terrorist would be exposed and rendered ineffective! Likewise, pray for every terrorist that has come through our southern open borders to be exposed, disarmed and removed! Pray for the Palestinians to be protected, as well as the Jews. Pray for a great harvest in the Middle East!