Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand firm.” Ephesians 6:13 (ESV)

Most people flinch when a fist is moving quickly toward their face! It is the natural response to an impending strike to one’s head! But there is a better way than turning our attention from the attack! Taking one’s eye off his opponent is not a very good thing, because not only will you not see the first punch, you will be blind to see those that will be following it.

Instead of flinching and looking away as the punch is directed toward your face, you must keep eye contact upon the opponent as you use their energy against them. You see when you look away, it is out of fear, and then opponent can throw many more punches but now you don’t see them coming. 

In this hour it is important that we stand and resist what the enemy is trying to accomplish. To stand and/or to resist are not passive terms. And they both require resolve and endurance. These do not refer to ‘one and done!’ Nope, the image they stir is one that means someone is in the conflict until it is won! War, spiritual war included, cannot be ignored, or engaged in as one would a hobby. We need to be all in, or we will suffer the consequences. It is time to dig into what is true, not just what we have been told by lying politicians and complicit mainstream media outlets. Be willing to seek the truth about the issues behind what’s really going on.

Instead of flinching, research the southern border issue, or what’s really going on behind Ukraine war. Rather than turning from your opponent, look him in the eye and stand on truth! Dig into what was really going on at J6, or in the much tampered with elections. Yet understand this, truth usually causes a reaction before it sets you free. There will be many things that you will discover that you have believed one way, are actually another. But please be willing to seek it out, and to see it when it becomes visible.

Tell the Lord that you willingly accept your part in His battle for our city, state and nation, for your family and your church. Ask Him to help you dig into the truth, even if it hurts. Thank Him that His truth brings freedom, and tell Him that you are willing to embrace His full truth, no matter what! And, having done all, stand!