By Brittany Gokalp (Prophetic Intercessor in Athens)

“Just as the living Father sent Me and I live because of the Father, so the one who feeds on Me will live because of Me” John 6:57 (NIV)

Jesus is inviting us to feast this year. He sees our hunger, our disappointment, and our brokenness. To the world, we may look ‘fat’ and happy but we can’t hide from Jesus. He sees where we are starved in our hearts and souls. We have tried to satisfy our hunger, but though we eat, the things of this world will never nourish us. Jesus is bidding us come and eat real food, which is His flesh. (v.55)

To feed on Jesus is to feed on the Word of God, “The Word became flesh…” (John 1:14). When you read your bible, it is a spiritual act of eating. Jesus tells us that the one who feeds on Him will live. We can not have abundant life without feeding on the Word of God. It is how we abide in Jesus (v.56). We are walking around weak because we are starving to death. The Word will strengthen us this year so we will be able to stand firm and fight the good fight when the day of evil comes. God’s army is a well-fed army. It is time to rebuild our strength, eat and live!

Today we declare 2022 is a year of feasting on God’s word! Lord, we pray You would help us lay down our distractions and every sin that hinders us from living an abundant life with You. Help us to value Your word like it truly is our daily bread. Thank You Jesus for Your body that was given for us (v.51) so we might live. May we hunger after You and be satisfied by all that You are.