“To him who overcomes…” Revelation 2-3

What one thinks about the end times matters! Spoiler alert… imminent rapture is fake news. The coming one world government is fake news. That one world government is already operating! It is what we are being set free from right now. Many people falsely interpret the Book of Revelation as if it is all future, but what if the filter we have been looking through has been skewed? For example, “partial preterists” believe much of the Book of Revelation has already been fulfilled and have some pretty strong evidence for it. But look at the negative side of believing in a futurist fulfillment.

So many rapturists lack joy, contentment or purpose in life because they can’t wait to get rescued out of here. They anxiously look forward to being whisked away to heaven. They look for converting individuals instead of discipling nations (Matthew 28:18-20). Instead of seeing the Church as victorious, they see it defeated. Rapturists don’t look for a global revival or consider it worth battling the Baal system. Rapturists usually don’t have a Bridal theology that says Jesus is going to have a victorious people who have prepared themselves as His bride (Revelation 19). It is Jesus’ desire for His people to overcome and as such He has no intention to rescue us from the world and its evil tyrants!

While the globalist blatantly declare their desire and plan to depopulate the planet to 500 million, some prophetic voices believe God wants 30 billion plus on the earth. The issue isn’t resources or space! God has even better resources coming than what the deep state have kept hidden from us. And btw, the climate agenda is from the pit of hell!

Heaven is meant to increase on earth, not for earth to escape to heaven. The highest objective of heaven is God’s glory to fill the earth (Habakkuk 2:14 and others…), it is not to rapture a defeated Church and fill heaven! Remember Jesus taught His disciples to pray for the Kingdom of God to come. Not for His people on earth to be taken to heaven. Ultimately there will be a snatching away, for a wedding feast! But the Bride will be readied for it!

Ask God to show you where your end times theology has impacted your joy and purpose in life. Ask the Holy Spirit to correct your theology and lead you into all truth. Ask Him to forge you into an overcomer, as a bride prepared for the coming King. Ask God to expose faulty theology at your church, as so many saints are currently cowering and expecting the days only to get darker, waiting to get rescued out via the rapture. Pray for a renewed sense of joy and global mission at your church, for discipling nations and not just converting heathen! Pray that your church would be equipped for these “last days” and to disciple in the 1 billion soul harvest. Pray that the Church (yours included) would rise up and become “super spreaders” of the knowledge of the glory of God to the nations!